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  1. have the same problem tried few apps from the market, sipdroid works i one way only, without incall sound, CSipSimple seems works after clear data but freezes the phone during reboot so is need to pull the battery out, seems like its new issue with new releases of CM10 and Shendu, im stuck on shendu 121227-dev because i can still use CSipSimple for internet calling
  2. SIP/VOiP still does't work as build-in ( the only issue is incoming sound is bad ) as apps from the market, tried most of them no one works correctly, and now i had random reboot, that happened 1st time since i got this phone .something strange is going on with the camera some photos are just grey, i am not complaining, just letting you know Dazz thanks for all what you done for this ROM, good luck and have nice day :)
  3. hi what VOIP apps are you using ? and what VOIP provider are you on ? thanks
  4. great work Dazz, thanks a lot for all your work, the only problem for me is the fact i can not use SIP/VOIP since R3 and R4 was released, internal voip client has very poor sound quality and apps from market does't work at all or crashing the volume mixer by turning everything to mute mode, exactly the same problem i got on new release from Shendu. thanks again and have nice weekend :)
  5. [ROM][JB][SHENDU]-04-12-2012

    fixed :) use this CWM from here: http://blog.podtwo.com/android/recovery/ClockworkMod%20Recovery%20for%20Huawei%20U8815.html to fix the problem after that you may reflash to and restore from nandroid thank for all your help lads i have to read carefully what options i have to select :)
  6. [ROM][JB][SHENDU]-04-12-2012

    tried restore from nandroid also no luck
  7. [ROM][JB][SHENDU]-04-12-2012

    thanks actually i do have and keeps rebooting back into CWM, tried reflash this SHENDU rom and no luck , can not flash Dazz room it say e: can not find that say e: can't open /sdcard/ nameofrom (bad) instalation aborted
  8. [ROM][JB][SHENDU]-04-12-2012

    hi thanks i reflashed the CWM to ver. and i am stuck on CWM, CWM just keeps rebooting itself the OS wont boot any idea ?
  9. [ROM][JB][SHENDU]-04-12-2012

    the last version replaced my CWM to some china version ! had to reflash CWM ! went well :)
  10. alternatively you use FTP server on your phone , mi file explorer http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2051086 , but samba filesharing from the market still works, if even shows that - enabled not running .
  11. hi are you using for VOIP in-build client or you using some SIP/VOIP app ? i i tried to setup in-build but the in-call sound is very bad, no of SIP/VOIP from the market work, getting some problems with the sound , and the phone is freezes during the reboot, so i have to pull the battery of the phone any idea ?
  12. [ROM][JB][SHENDU]-04-12-2012

    hi the only problem for me is the fact that no sip/voip apps client works :( anyway using previous version because of the good quality of the in-call sound and volume :) anyone is using SIP/VOIP apps ? with the newest version ?