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  1. Don't worry about it. It has been changed to allow for more compatibility. Both phones have the same Hardware.
  2. Higgy69

    G510 vs G300

    Funny how reviews commented that G300 had a light skin, now with the G510 Huawei has gone the other way with the EMUI. I thought I read that the £130 was wrong and that it ended up £179? £130 is a good price. I think I prefer bare bones Android skin.
  3. Nice one kyan31, I installed this morning and have been out walking with GPS on and now got home and put Wi-Fi on. All seems to be working well.
  4. It? This ROM? = Yes Light Manager App?= Yes Go for it! QUESTION to the boffins - If GB baseband does not have reboots, and Daz's cool work means this ROM works on GB Baseband. Then is it not best to downgrade and install this ROM? As far as I understand, apart from Over Clocking and a Bluetooth MAC, then GB has no real disadvantage.
  5. OK. I spent quite a bit of time and could not get it. Looks like the white/purple colour appears when you don't get the right colour. I think I will just use 'Light Manager' App as that does what I want.
  6. Lol, that is the App I suggested a day or so ago. Yes that one works really well, I was just trying to follow another Memeber's suggestion. speed10353 - WTF!!! great score.
  7. So much is happening that lots of questions are getting lost! Rebas - did you manage to get green? I can get light blue then orange, it seems to skip green? I set 'Green' in WhatsApp but have not had a message to check. I am not sure if CM Notification program overides an Apps colour choice? I added a new Application in CM Notification program for TXT and EMAIL, and at least email works, not had a txt yet to check.
  8. Andymac1969 - I checked Google Now/search and what you said is the same for me. I updated and now have an unusable Search compared the the Gapps version! I tried uninstalling Google Search Updates and reloading Gapps over ROM but no luck. And I created my Recovery Image after Google Search had updated . Arrrrh. So any way of restoring the decent Google Search/Now without a whole ROM reinstall? Thanks.
  9. Thanks Reba's I will try your method later today. It is always better not having to install extra software. Battery usage overnight dropped 5% with wi-fi set to always off during sleep. So battery life is looking very good.
  10. Remember 'Light Manager - LED settings' on Play Store is free and works well. I have tried email, whatsapp and txt. It is showing the colours I selected and will show multiply notifications one after each other.
  11. Battery looking good. 39% after 13 hours. Been using various features all day.
  12. I could not get it (updated System.apk) to work using ES Explorer. But then again I'm a noob, so just edited the ROM using WinRAR with new System.apk on PC and reinstalled ROM. If you use GoBackUp, Tillaz (Infusion ROM creater) recommends this. Then a ROM reinstall is not much of a ball ache. You can be up and running quite soon. Apps + settings, TXT & Call Log all backup up nice and simple.
  13. I used GPS at lunchtime today and it locked on quickly? Everyone - regarding LED notification colour. Use 'Light Manager - LED Settings'. It works great. You can even have alternating colours if you have for example EMAIL & WhatsApp message.
  14. I would not install another Kernel at the moment. I thought there Daz has done things to help/improve JB so changing the Kernel might cause problems. You can OverClock the standard Kernel anyhow so why do you want to change? - Goto: Settings - About Phone and keep taping ' CyangenMod Version' or 'Build Number' and you will become a 'Developer' you then have a 'Performance' menu in Settings that you can O/C etc.
  15. The modified Settings.APK as far as I can tell is only for us who like to have 'Volume to wake'. So if you don't use 'Volume to wake' then OTA should be fine.