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  1. I tried a different rooting tool and it flashed CWM onto my phone - yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy Actually managed to boot in recovery mode - yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy Tried to flash a rom Deleted cache and reset the phone It tries to install the rom - verifies, etc then aborts - dang! Same when i tried another rom Same when i tried to install gapps package Could it still have a locked bootloader if it's rooted with CWM installed?
  2. I bought Huawei G520 from China and it wont allow Google apps on it Thought I had rooted it but I dont think it worked, dunno how to find out either Anyone know where i can find a Rom for my G520 that includes Google Apps and i can install from SD card?
  3. Well i discovered today that you need to unzip the recovery module so you can link to the scatter loading file inside it ( i was connecting to the scatter file which is inside the flash tool folder itself and thats no good) Still not working yet but ill keep a tab on it as i learn how to do it Seen one tutorial that says you need to connect the phone whilst its switched- off - still made no difference to me Ive tried connecting the phone with USB debugging mode On/Off & tried it both in fastboot on/off and its still not flashing
  4. I have rooted my Huawei G520 (i think) I want to install this custom rom: http://www.needrom.com/mobile/huawei-g520-3/ Downloaded 3 files: I can start the flash tool but dont have a clue from there Watched 573845637816748617436278 You Tube videos which were totally useless (mostly no sound) Anyone direct me to how to use the flashing tool?
  5. I've just installed G520 USB driver and ran G520 Root program The phone now has "superuser" app Does that mean it's now rooted? |If I connect my G520 as USB drive should it look any different (folders/files)? Does that mean I can now use a different Rom (which maybe includes Google Apps)?
  6. I bought Huawei Ascend G520 from China Trouble is it has no Google Apps on it and wont allow download Looked around for a new International Rom unsuccessfully Anyone know how I can install Google Apps on my Huawei Ascend G520?
  7. Nope - I did try but it crashed my phone - If do manage to root it & i flash google apps am I stuck with those versions or will they update like normal?
  8. I have downloaded some google apps but dont know how to flash them
  9. Cheers - but my whole world is on Google - without it - its a brick - I still have access on my old phone - just be nice not to throw this in the bin
  10. Anyone know where i can find stock rom for G520?
  11. Sorry - Did not understand a single word of that - "nook"?, "blocked play store"?, "enabled they one"? "install no one market"? but ill try and figure out how to root it - thanks
  12. Im totally 'googled' up Email, contacts, calendar, Works email, photos, videos, games, all my music - all synced up - not even You Tube Without google apps its a brick Looks like back in the box until i can delete the crap thats barring google I just never anticipated buying a mobile with Google OS and no access to Google Apps - dunno what the Chinese used it for - held the door open maybe? Strangely enough my sim works fine Anyone know how to free this phone?
  13. Took a risk - bought an Huawei G520 Jellybean from China Damned thing wont let me download anything 'Google' - like Google is barred - sorta ironic since Jellybean is android/Google OS - no Google Play - no Google+, no Google apps Actually downloaded Google Play but every time i open it the phone closes it again Any ideas apart from the bin
  14. cant find any bookmarks anywhere on device (neither can file manager) other than in Opera & Chrome