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  1. smartbyte added a post in a topic Negative Battery temperatures   

    O.K. so when I put a piece of paper in front of the middle pin of the battery, my battery temperatures go down to -40 degrees, so that doesn't help...

    I will try to get a new battery and hope that everything is fine by then.
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  2. smartbyte added a topic in Huawei Ascend G300 -   

    Negative Battery temperatures
    Hi guys,

    does anyone ever had the problem, that the phones show negative temperatures for the battery?
    I am getting temperatures of -10 degrees C, while it should be something around 25!!!

    The point is: I think the battery does not get charged at below 0 degrees C!
    So basically I cannot charge my battery.

    I installed some battery trainer (but I haven't used it!), and after that I had the issues (maybee it has nothing to do with that...)

    Now I wiped everything, installed a new ROM, but the problem still persits, so either that battery trainer had a very intelligent virus, or something there is broken.

    I even thought, that I saw temperatures of -1 degree yesterday, and now it went further down to -10, so something is fading away. (I just had a look again, it's now at -13!)

    HELP! I cannot charge my phone anymore!!!

    (I already cleaned the contacts inside the phone. - Next thing I want to do is put a piece of tape on the middle pin of the battery to check what the phone does with no sensor at all....)

    ... Damn! The phone was so nice, and now I might have to throw it away. :-(

    Please if anyone has an idea, post an answer.

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  3. smartbyte added a post in a topic [ICS] MeijaICS [B952 4.0.3] FINAL Version !   

    Hi mate,

    I tried that yesterday: Any plans of enabling IPv6 on your ROM?
    (I think it's a kernel thing only)

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  4. smartbyte added a post in a topic [ICS] MeijaICS [B952 4.0.3] FINAL Version !   

    Thanks for the ROM.
    I am hesitating testing it, as I really !use! your ROM, B7 was pretty good, But now I am a bit stuck as I installed all the Apps (using Link2SD), and everytime I update my system all the App-Data is gone.
    How do I backup or restore the App-Data only?
    (I already tried Titanium Backup, but I must have used the wrong settings, as this messed up my last update ... Big time!)

    What do you use guys when you switch from B7 to B8?

    Thanks, Joern.
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  5. smartbyte added a post in a topic [DEV] [JB] [CM10] [4.1.1] CyanogenMod 10 for the Huawei Ascend G300 [ROM] [Last updated: 26/08]   

    > just let the bloke do what he wants to do and stop wasting cpu cycles ffs.

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  6. smartbyte added a post in a topic [DEV] [JB] [CM10] [4.1.1] CyanogenMod 10 for the Huawei Ascend G300 [ROM] [Last updated: 26/08]   

    Hi guys,

    sorry I am lazy, I don't want to read through more than 1000 posts:
    Has Dazzozo published anything after the 26/08? And if, where?


    BTW: Greate work!
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  7. smartbyte added a post in a topic Australia 3G/Baseband issues   

    Hi guys,

    O.K. I don't know if it helps you, but I will note that down here, maybe someone else has an idea:
    First things first:

    First the scenario on my phone.
    CM backups:
    1) GB backup
    2) ICS backup (Orig Huawei update)
    3) CM 10 (JB)
    4) Vodafone NZ ICS update

    1 and 2 were not bootable anymore
    3 and 4 were bootable

    (And I had an IMEI backup from GB times)

    I used the IMEI method of "deleting" my IMEI, then put the Vodafone update on my phone (and restored my IMEI).
    Seemed like nothing has changed, ... except:
    I was able to boot into backup 1 backup again!
    And then I tried to boot into my first ICS (backup 2) and guess what 3G worked again!

    The point is: I haven't figured out why backup 1&2 were not bootable before, but 3&4 were, and why this now changed and is the other way around now!
    I might have done some other stuff before installing the NZ image (like wiping all data, fixing permisions, wiping dalvik cache etc), but I have done most of that before and it hasn't worked.
    So my guess is: The NZ image (OTA update in dload-folder) has the ability to fix our issues, but first you have to prepare your device somehow to let the OTA beeing able to fix it.

    Sorry I couldn't help more, but because I didn't realy think that would help this time, I wasn't writing down what I did, and I did so many things to this phone in the past 72 hours, I am impressed that it still works!

    If you have any questions, please ask, but make them detailed and ASAP, as my memories will fade over time. :-(

    C ya! (Now happy!)
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  8. smartbyte added a post in a topic Australia 3G/Baseband issues   

    Hi guys,

    I am interested too! I used the middle package, then put ICS on my phone (Huawei Download) and from that point on, I wasn't able to use 3G anymore. I tried everything IMEI, reinstall, JB (CM10), even restoring back to GB (without changing basebands, because I haven't got an AU UPDATE.APP - was pretty worthless!), but I couldn't restore 3G anymore.

    But I don't get it, why this doesn't work! I tried installing the NZ image, but I wasn't succesfull (Using the UPDATE.APP, the ZIP doesn't change BASEBANDS, so no proper install) Has anyone ever had success installing the UPDATE.APP for the NZ ICS image?

    Thanks, Jörn.
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  9. smartbyte added a post in a topic Internet problems ?   

    Can you tell us what you had to change? As I have a similar problem: My phone works in 2G mode only, since I updated from GB to ICS.
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  10. smartbyte added a topic in Huawei Ascend G300 -   

    G300 ICS 3G not working with VF AU
    Hi guys,

    I haven't found this anywhere on the net, or on this Forum:
    I upgraded my G300 to ICS B926 (Huawei Stock Standard) and from that point on I had hugh connections problems.
    Connection seemed to be fine, connecting via Edge, and then dropped of, again and again.
    Then I got the idea of ticking the Box 2G only in the settings an from that point on it worked, but 2G only.

    Has someone any idea of what I did do wrong?
    I accedantially restaored and IMEI backup from GB, but could that destroy my 3G connection?
    Or do I just have wrong APN settings, is that possible?
    Please need some help here.

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