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    Negative Battery temperatures

    O.K. so when I put a piece of paper in front of the middle pin of the battery, my battery temperatures go down to -40 degrees, so that doesn't help... I will try to get a new battery and hope that everything is fine by then.
  2. Hi guys, does anyone ever had the problem, that the phones show negative temperatures for the battery? I am getting temperatures of -10 degrees C, while it should be something around 25!!! The point is: I think the battery does not get charged at below 0 degrees C! So basically I cannot charge my battery. I installed some battery trainer (but I haven't used it!), and after that I had the issues (maybee it has nothing to do with that...) Now I wiped everything, installed a new ROM, but the problem still persits, so either that battery trainer had a very intelligent virus, or something there is broken. I even thought, that I saw temperatures of -1 degree yesterday, and now it went further down to -10, so something is fading away. (I just had a look again, it's now at -13!) HELP! I cannot charge my phone anymore!!! (I already cleaned the contacts inside the phone. - Next thing I want to do is put a piece of tape on the middle pin of the battery to check what the phone does with no sensor at all....) ... Damn! The phone was so nice, and now I might have to throw it away. :-( Please if anyone has an idea, post an answer. Thanks.
  3. Hi mate, I tried that yesterday: Any plans of enabling IPv6 on your ROM? (I think it's a kernel thing only) Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the ROM. I am hesitating testing it, as I really !use! your ROM, B7 was pretty good, But now I am a bit stuck as I installed all the Apps (using Link2SD), and everytime I update my system all the App-Data is gone. How do I backup or restore the App-Data only? (I already tried Titanium Backup, but I must have used the wrong settings, as this messed up my last update ... Big time!) What do you use guys when you switch from B7 to B8? Thanks, Joern.
  5. > just let the bloke do what he wants to do and stop wasting cpu cycles ffs. +1
  6. Hi guys, sorry I am lazy, I don't want to read through more than 1000 posts: Has Dazzozo published anything after the 26/08? And if, where? Thanks. BTW: Greate work!
  7. smartbyte

    Australia 3G/Baseband issues

    Hi guys, O.K. I don't know if it helps you, but I will note that down here, maybe someone else has an idea: First things first: I FIXED IT! First the scenario on my phone. CM backups: 1) GB backup 2) ICS backup (Orig Huawei update) 3) CM 10 (JB) 4) Vodafone NZ ICS update 1 and 2 were not bootable anymore 3 and 4 were bootable (And I had an IMEI backup from GB times) I used the IMEI method of "deleting" my IMEI, then put the Vodafone update on my phone (and restored my IMEI). Seemed like nothing has changed, ... except: I was able to boot into backup 1 backup again! And then I tried to boot into my first ICS (backup 2) and guess what 3G worked again! The point is: I haven't figured out why backup 1&2 were not bootable before, but 3&4 were, and why this now changed and is the other way around now! I might have done some other stuff before installing the NZ image (like wiping all data, fixing permisions, wiping dalvik cache etc), but I have done most of that before and it hasn't worked. So my guess is: The NZ image (OTA update in dload-folder) has the ability to fix our issues, but first you have to prepare your device somehow to let the OTA beeing able to fix it. Sorry I couldn't help more, but because I didn't realy think that would help this time, I wasn't writing down what I did, and I did so many things to this phone in the past 72 hours, I am impressed that it still works! If you have any questions, please ask, but make them detailed and ASAP, as my memories will fade over time. :-( C ya! (Now happy!)
  8. smartbyte

    Australia 3G/Baseband issues

    Hi guys, I am interested too! I used the middle package, then put ICS on my phone (Huawei Download) and from that point on, I wasn't able to use 3G anymore. I tried everything IMEI, reinstall, JB (CM10), even restoring back to GB (without changing basebands, because I haven't got an AU UPDATE.APP - was pretty worthless!), but I couldn't restore 3G anymore. But I don't get it, why this doesn't work! I tried installing the NZ image, but I wasn't succesfull (Using the UPDATE.APP, the ZIP doesn't change BASEBANDS, so no proper install) Has anyone ever had success installing the UPDATE.APP for the NZ ICS image? Thanks, Jörn.
  9. smartbyte

    Internet problems ?

    Can you tell us what you had to change? As I have a similar problem: My phone works in 2G mode only, since I updated from GB to ICS.
  10. Hi guys, I haven't found this anywhere on the net, or on this Forum: I upgraded my G300 to ICS B926 (Huawei Stock Standard) and from that point on I had hugh connections problems. Connection seemed to be fine, connecting via Edge, and then dropped of, again and again. Then I got the idea of ticking the Box 2G only in the settings an from that point on it worked, but 2G only. Has someone any idea of what I did do wrong? I accedantially restaored and IMEI backup from GB, but could that destroy my 3G connection? Or do I just have wrong APN settings, is that possible? Please need some help here. Thanks.