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  1. not really , it's not very well-crafted but totally,,a nice phone..compare to it's price..
  2. the color of its flashlight maybe a little blue.. the light of the backkey could not be turn off well.. bad eng...hope you can understand what i've said..
  3. Amoi N828? MTK6589 1.2Ghz 1G ram.. I have used for some days, for some one invited me to mod it's MIUI rom. just as you want.. come on!!
  4. i think n4 is the best... cm7...still some problems on bluetooth it should be solved next month after my final exam.. too many books to read these days... by the way i maybe will buy n4 next or after next month #^_^#
  5. Come on boys!!! Shendu V1.2 based on ZJL'S CM7 & default baseband 2030 Mod BY ZJL http://bbs.anzhi.com/thread-7159660-1-1.html Download links: http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=1120519369&uk=789256656 Shendu 2.0.4 based on cm-9-20130524-NIGHTLY-u8815 Fix some terrible problems Mod BY ZJL http://bbs.anzhi.com/thread-7144932-1-2.html Download links: http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=337041364&uk=789256656
  6. I'm ZJL, dear friend, to fix toolbox switch in expanded statusbar , just rename your folder in CUST partition to your own, and set factory mode .... example: China is to cust / unicom / cn ,,, have fun...
  7. You can flash your u8818 to U8815,&then you can flash all roms...my G300 was U8818,but now I flash it to U8815 successfully..anyway you must use some special way to do this change... By the way,I have made a CWM Recovery for my G300,but It's language is Chinese... I didn't find out any bug in this Recovery,but the key test option is not work well. I'm fixing it.... actually there's no different between 8818 & 8815....If it works well on 8815 then you can use it on your 8818....