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  1. I want is to have the official kitkat xD
  2. I agree, you're brave xD I'm afraid of flashing this ROMs with new kernel but I read in pages before that someone with samsung chip had his phone bricked too.
  3. Hi! Im looking for a christmas boot animation to have my phone completely themed with christmas :P I searched some boot animation but they are ugly, I want something pretty :P
  4. No. Every ROM without new kernel works great ;)
  5. There is one nightly from day 29 ;)
  6. I have one problem, my 600 mb that I have in my internal memory is nearly occupied, can I increase my space?
  7. marcioo


    Thanks for your warning ;)
  8. Yes, I think is a huawei memory ;)
  9. Have been problems with Huawei memory? :S I want to upgrade but I dont want to stay without my android for so long time...
  10. What are your opinions about this ROM?
  11. Isso cantando install seeder on this ROM, says to me that don't have root privileges but it have and startup failed.
  12. Daz, can you do a version with new improvements with old kernel?
  13. OK, thanks, I will think if I will update ;)