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  1. I'm having Graphocal glitches at top of screen. Even after full factory reset and reflashing 10.0 and gaps. 10.1 really cased major issues with my phone, so i went back. Mike
  2. Mikeypr

    Inspire Home Automation Internet Room Thermostat Review

    What do people think of BGs offering £149 fully fitted. Looks a good option for us in the UK. http://www.britishgas.co.uk/products-and-services/remote-heating-control/how-to-use.html#.UNcO0Kx3PpE
  3. Just installed the official ICS on my G300 and the dictonary is broke. Everything underlined in RED, even using third party keboards with thire own dictonarys. Is there an easy fix, I can do to sort it? Thanks Mike