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  1. Thought I'd add my two pence worth to this :) Having now moved on from the osd to a nexus 4 there is a big difference in build quality, but that's to be expected with the nexus 4 as it's nearly £300 (least the 16gb model) if you take into consideration the price the osd was when it was first released and compare it to the build quality, then I'd have to agree it's not the best build quality for the price, on pure hardware and power then it's pretty good. But if you take it at it's lowest price (49:99 or was it 59:99 + the £10 top up) it's not to be sniffed at, especially with the power it has, and having worked most of my life in production related jobs, including injection moulding and various other plastics related things then it may be that it's a fault with specific production runs, the example being that some people have had no issues with the casing of the phone, whilst others have, and the same can be said for higher end phones. To use a recent example I have the later model nexus 4 (it has the little nubs on the case) I've had no issues with the phone, but I know someone who has had their nexus 4 for two weeks and has had to send it back due to faults with the microphone and earpiece speaker, this may well be another production related fault between batches of phones, so even high(er) end phones are not imune to these types of faults, no mass produced product is, be it cars or washing machines or indeed mobile phones. As it happens my osd, which I was going to give to my wife developed a fault where it has no signal what so ever, infact you can take the sim out, reboot the phone and it still thinks it has the sim in it, even after leaving it switched off for a while and then rebooting it still says the sim card is in the phone, everything else is fine with it, even the case, it's currently being looked at. But such is life
  2. Cheers, I did look for a holder, but I couldn't find anything that did the job, so figured I'd build something, I'd be lethal if a I had a 3d printer.
  3. Bit of a shameless plug for my blog, but I built a phone holder for my osd, might not be to everyones tastes, but I like it, and it works so I'm happy. http://the-shed-and-beyond.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/homemade-phone-holder.html
  4. Few Quick Questions.

    1) How Can you take a Screen Shot of the Phone WITHOUT Pressing the Power Buttom? <- Not sure on this one, there maybe some app that can do it, can't say I take that many screenshots. 2) How can you take a Picture using the Camera without hearing that "Click" Sound <- This is easy if you have rooted the phone, using an app like root browser you navigate to 'system - media - audio - ui and look for 'camera_click.ogg' then just rename it, I renamed mine to 'camera_click.ogg.bk' and there's no sound now when I take a picture. if you haven't rooted I'm not sure how you could do it, again there maybe some app that can.
  5. Xolo Software update Available

    Could this mean that the osd might not get the jb update until the first part of 2013 ? - http://crave.cnet.co.uk/mobiles/motorola-razr-i-getting-jelly-bean-at-start-of-2013-50009938/ or is it just a case of motorola being slow, hopefully the update for the xolo will come before december is out.
  6. Orange San Diego Urgent Help Request

    I'm no expert, but would it be possible to remove the files associate with the driver from the phone manually ? eg - find out what those files are and locate them on the phone using a root browser, then remove them manually. Or you could try this, I have no idea if it will work on the osd, so it's a use it at your own risk kind of thing, but it seems someone has made an uninstaller for the beats audio installer, but having never installed a driver onto my phone I can't really say if it'll work or whether it'll damage the phone - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=26480540 And there's always a factory reset, which is a pain but it might work ?
  7. Orange San Diego Urgent Help Request

    Can you not just remove it by going to 'settings' then 'apps' and then selecting it, it should then give you the option to remove it. Although it does say the phone needs to be rooted to install the driver, have you rooted the phone ?
  8. Xolo JB

    A lot of people have asked xolo about jelly bean and got similar answers, although they didn't give an exact date for the ics update either, but given that intel have already signed off on jelly bean it's now up to xolo etc to sort out the update, it may be the end of the year, but it may not. The best advice is to keep an eye on the website, most people are pretty sure it will get released quite quickly, despite xolo and ornage in the uk not actually saying whether the jb update is coming and when, and they did seem to get the ics update out quite fast.
  9. Xolo JB

    In short yes the xolo ics can be rooted, but custom roms won't work, there is meant to be a jelly bean update coming soon (fingers crossed before the end of the year) For rooting the xolo see this thread - http://www.modaco.com/topic/358489-toolaio-tool-for-san-diego-fixed/page__hl__%20san%20%20diego__st__0 The reason (I think) custom roms won't work is becasue as yet no one has managed to un lock the bootloader, but there are some things that can be done, for example changing themes, changing the density of the lcd screen, and enabling the internal sd card port (there's a guide on how to get the back off the phone)
  10. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    I gave in and flashed the xolo ics update so I could root the phone again. However I seem to have run into a small problem when trying to apply the 270 dpi mod. At first when I ran it I got - unable to chmod system/default/prop (or something like that) but then the phone rebooted, but nothing had changed. Then I ran it again and I got - cannot stat C:\SanDiego\tools\dpi\270\' : No such file or directory, but it's definitely there in the c drive. I also tried to adjust the default.prop file on the phone as I noticed it has an entry for the lcd setting, but changing it to 270 doesn't work, it changes back to 240 on rebooting the phone. The phone is rooted, I've enabled the internal sd card, used the deodex xolo ics (option 17) and then enabled both sd cards (option 14) Any ideas as to why it's not working ? and can I change the file on the phone ? I'm sure I saw something similar to this problem, but I can't seem to find it. Edit : - Okay tried to get the dpi mod to work again, no dice. The exact errors are - cannot stat 'C:\SanDiego\tools\dpi\270\' : No such file or directory (again the dpi files are in the sandiego folder on the c drive) Unable to chmod /system/default.prop: No such file or directory This one is a little puzzling as there is no default.prop file in the system folder, at least there wasn't when I checked with root browser, or ES file explorer. The default.prop file is in the same folder as android.fstab, charger, init, init.goldfish.rc and various others, does this mean it's in the wrong place ? Edit (2) : - I've also noticed that any changes I make to system files on the phone (using one of the text editors) don't stick after reboot, I've tried moving the default.prop to /system and renaming the other one, but the change doesn;t stick, I've tried changing the file permissions as well, but again on reboot they don't stick, so it would seem that even though I have super user access (root) I don't really, as I can't make permanent changes ? I've had similar issues (a while ago now) on linux, it's usually a permissions thing some where along the lines.
  11. Unable to install usb driver

    I'm pretty sure it was the right driver, no idea why it kept wanting to install every time I connected the phone though, and like I said once I removed all intel/android drivers from the system it installed them back when I reconnected the phone. Even though I can't get root what ever issue it was that was causing the driver issues and the issue I had with adb.exe *32 running more than one instance all the time has now gone, but as I updated I can't root the phone and I'm now playing (badly) the patience game and not flashing xolo ics back to the phone.
  12. The Official 'I bricked my San Diego' Thread

    Okay, glad I didn't choose that option then, when I was messing about with it, really must try and learn more about adb and such like.
  13. Unable to install usb driver

    That's the driver I had installed, which then for some reason kept wanting to install everytime I plugged the phone in (and failed to install everytime) once I had removed all drivers and the san diego folder from the c drive I plugged the phone in and it installed what appears to be the same driver, but for some reason it stopped working at some point, now it's fine, no idea what went wrong though.
  14. Unable to install usb driver

    I've had a similar issue, I think it was that, that caused my bricking problems, but I have it working now. I had to remove the android drivers, and the intel medfield one, then I deleted the san diego folder in the c drive and re-downloaded the tool, then went through the steps again, eg selecting 64 bit and then downloading the various files. The I plugged the phone in and it installed various things and works now, but my phone is now the up to date version of xolo, which means I can't root it, so I can't test out the tool.