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    Huawei Ascend g300

    For me, too. Slim v7. Found one service at status bar, but is inactive all the time. Even when the widget is touched.
  2. Is this kernel supports init.d scripts?
  3. [ GB ] B895-slim-v7 Multibaseband

    Not sure now mate. I clean cache of both apps and nothing scares me so far. It's big problem to find ..problem on this ROM. :rolleyes:
  4. [ GB ] B895-slim-v7 Multibaseband

    I also found a bug with this app when screen is in subzero mode ( Lux Autobrightnes ). Every 20-25 seconds it splash stock lock screen for a while and gone. I get through it a tic tic...
  5. [ GB ] B895-slim-v7 Multibaseband

    I disabled volume keys as a screen unlocker in Recovery but..i still can wake it when No Lock work in "Locking disabled" mode. If I change to "Locking enabled" then volume keys don't activate the screen. Is there a chance that this be reconciled? That is, the keys do not work with the active No Lock? Thanks for any help.
  6. [ GB ] B895-slim-v7 Multibaseband

    Pimp my ROM showed no init.d so I used PMR to enabled. After installation link2int apps was moving properly, all went grand. After reboot when I tried run moved app I got info that app isn't installed. The moved content of app was still in int sd and link2int works properly as well, meaning I still could move new apps. So don't have a clue what's the story. Anyway, I stopped using this mod cuz internal sd is seen, RE for example and I can move anything manually. No bugs, no laggs. Perfect calls, Jsevi is the Boss! Yo
  7. [ GB ] B895-slim-v7 Multibaseband

    Sorry, after reboot the apps who was moved to int are shown as a uninstalled.
  8. [ GB ] B895-slim-v7 Multibaseband

    Cool, works! Thx I enabled init.d thought Pimp my ROM and install Cydas mod and link2int works as well, so multicool!
  9. [ GB ] B895-slim-v7 Multibaseband

    I delete unused system apps, control autorun in Autostarts and turned off unnecessary process in Disable Service. Gently OC and works very well so far. Miss a bit JB futures but battery life and ease of use in multi-tasking makes me very happy so far. I'll have some bike and hike tomorrow so GPS will be tested. Only sliding to unlock device make me nut. I delete "potter unlock" but still I need to palpate the screen. Power button is gd enough as a lock imo. Is there any solution to get rid of it completely?
  10. [ GB ] B895-slim-v7 Multibaseband

    This memory was available at all times, lads. I got used to "sd card0" in RE and preview of this memory in TB when using CM ROMs. Sorry for that and thanks for help. Anyway, big brush and this ROM brought refreshment on my device. No bugs. I hope finally after 1 year travelling thought Laggy lands I found what I expect from this device. Tomorrow I'll try link2int, anyone tries? Have a tasty gingerbread this weekend! :-)
  11. [ GB ] B895-slim-v7 Multibaseband

    Just did it, step by step. Nothig changed. Tb cant see int. :( Edit: I'm gonna set up everything and check 'HWUserData' cuz was looking only for "emmc" or 'sdcard0'.
  12. [ GB ] B895-slim-v7 Multibaseband

    No, try it now + "mount emmc". Still nothing. I guess I need to flash it again? I usually wipe partition cache, system, data, cust and factory reset. Is this correct? Cheers
  13. [ GB ] B895-slim-v7 Multibaseband

    I change baseband to 109808 and CWM from latest to 5. Did full wipes and still can't access to internal sd. Anyone?
  14. [ GB ] B895-slim-v7 Multibaseband

    Wow, I forgot how fast GB can be! Just have problem with 2gb int storage. TB and RE can't see it but in memory settings it is available. Any idea? I'm on 2030 radio + 3 mods ( circle, disable volume keys, disable ip calls ).
  15. [ GB ] B895-slim-v7 Multibaseband

    How about in call sound quality?