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  1. If you not use, disable wi-fi, GPS, kill the games process and not needed apps. They use a lot of energy.
  2. Did you checked the "Set automatice after restart" option ?? (not the totaly same, I use other OS language.)
  3. Try the nightly build, it works great!
  4. In Settings where you can set the screen light intensity and wallpaper in that menu you can set the weakup for volum key. Last option. Is possible to get sd card as default storage? I also would like to know this thing. AND How can I dissable that, when the phone goes to sleep mode the w-fi drop the contact? I set on the Wi-Fi always ON fuction, but this si not working.
  5. http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/downloadCenter.do?method=toDownloadFile&flay=software&softid=NDcwMjk= Or
  6. Yes, first instal an ICS Stock ROM, this will change your baseband to 2030.
  7. Possible, I found something: I also had a lot of RIL (signal lose) problem with CM10 and CM10.1 ROM (and also others, with base on this two roms). (I hadn't any reboot, but I don't use 3G) My baseband is 2030 what comes from Vodafone 4.0.3 - 934 (official Hungarian) . After that I used many custom roms. Inculded CM10.1 R4 (with other roms wasn't signal problem, but I had speed and battery problems). Yesterday I did this steps: I formated my SD card and I installed the official Huawei 4.0.3 - 952 (Global) from SD card. After that I rooted my phone and unlocked my bootloader. Installed CWM, last I installed the CyanogenMod 10.1 R4. Now my phone runs with it longer than 24 ours, and I hadn't any signal problem. My phone now is faster then anytime before. Battery performance also excelent. No any problem!! I continoue the test, but I hope, will not be more signal problem.
  8. Wipe and factory reset always are recommended before you install new (version) ROM. Not needed to install R4, enough just R6.
  9. Update from GB to ICS (STOCK ROM only) first. Baseband 2030=ICS After that install this ROM.
  10. Where can I found the default storage setup option? I can't found it under Storage option. Now my default is the 756 MB part.
  11. This is very bad news. I love your ROM, but I have RIL problem very offten. Now I use ICS, and no any problem. I hope, You continoue your work on this ROM and may be in the future will be an update what fix (possible not dirrectly about this problem) this problem.