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  1. Guys, i changed my touch coz i broke it, and also root it and unlock bootloader, but after changing touch, my phone freeze and when i touch on/off button the screen wakes, but i cant unlock phone..... what can be the problem? I tried factory reset and its same..... Only help whn i hold on off button 10 second and phone restarts. Any help?
  2. i have this gt-s7562 samsung galaxy duos, its great to have 2 sim cards at the same time, but i have to say thr is an error in previous post, this phone model have 1ghz cortex procesor and 762mb of ram memory. Its quite interesting device, even with the factory rom, but if u install Kylie open rom, it becomes little dragon :ph34r: Comparing to galaxy s3, u can say, how u pay that much u get, but for odrinary users like me, its very usefull to have very good camera, and 2 sim card android at the same time :)
  3. but where can i download drivers? Not any of those link is working...... edit: i found drivers but when i start software download in QPST program doesnt see my phone?

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