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  1. My phone is stuck on Green Android logo after flash. I tried to reflash TPT then flash the rom but it still the same.
  2. If I want to flash Eco CM9 from CM10, what should be the step? Factory reset, flash cache, flash dalvik ?
  3. Backup first. After that format cache and dalvik cache, Then flash 20130108
  4. How can I upgrade from 11.24? Flash dalvik then flash?
  5. sanek1804, can you share the TPT for gen2 blade? I tried TPT from CM10 web and it is not working.
  6. anyone can share the tptfor this? I try to use cm10 tptfor this but not working
  7. Cannot detect SD-EXT after android boot. No info found in S2E and partition info However, sd-ext can be mount on CMW. Anyone help?
  8. I can mount sd-ext on CWM but cannot detect after CM10 boot
  9. the order is correct, but it is not working. I tried 2 mem card
  10. SD-EXT info not found in Partition Info and S2E I tried to create new ext in minitool wizard and CWM But still fail to detect ext. Fat is fine. Any one help?