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  1. Hi Kyan, good job again, thanks for your work can u tell me why 331mb total memory available on this rom ? thanks
  2. APN Settings OK, Internet working in my phone, but wifi tethering doesn't work. (provider : vodafone hungary) can u solve the problem ? thanks for your help.
  3. Garnt, first step, wifi tethering on, laptop connected but internet didn't work in my chrome browser. second step, wifi thethering off and on , wrote : error (no other error message), and didn't work for me (i tried several times) thanks for your help, and sorry my bad english.
  4. wifi tethering doesn't work, anyone problem with it ?
  5. Hi guys, it works with B960 Cyda rom ? I flashed emotion ui 1.2 ,but didnt work :( icons are replaced, and ME widget also available...