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  1. GAPSS doesnt works for me, its force closing... stock browser is working fine.. flickering screen / crazy screen sometimes....
  2. at last got it working.... anyone installed gapps? if so please tell me from where?
  3. what are the 2 options?
  4. its still the same....what to do now?
  5. tried more than 10 times, it says error installation aborted or some times Installing update and it doesnt finishes ..... any one here to solve this?
  6. tried installing but its says error in /sdcard/cm10............zip Status 0 Installation aborted any one has any idea on this?
  7. [ROM] DiXperia 7 'Avenger' (Can not Install)

    then i guess, this rom cannot be installed....
  8. [ROM] DiXperia 7 'Avenger' (Can not Install)

    can u please post the xRecovery link here
  9. [CM9] Cyanogenmod 9 for LiquidA1/LiquidE

    the patch is in zip format and not bin... dont try anything on liquid parts, atm its useless, it doesn't work, thepasto will fix it in the next release i guess.
  10. [CM9] Cyanogenmod 9 for LiquidA1/LiquidE

    copy the zip to your sd card and reboot to recovery and choose install from zip option(the same way you flash the roms)
  11. [CM9] Cyanogenmod 9 for LiquidA1/LiquidE

    install cwm recovery, wipe all, repartition sd card.... flash it...it will work..
  12. [CM9] Cyanogenmod 9 for LiquidA1/LiquidE

    what you meant to ask? didnt understood..
  13. [CM9] Cyanogenmod 9 for LiquidA1/LiquidE

    my battery drain and some screen shot
  14. [CM9] Cyanogenmod 9 for LiquidA1/LiquidE

    no need to go back to the stock rom or anything, just reflash with all wiped and repartition