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  1. S kamarádem jsme se bavili o úplném zákazu kouření v hospodách já:"Kam budem chodit na pivo, když to zakážou?" on:"kamkoli!" #nekuřáci

  2. dneska nám v kanclu jako soundtrack hraje playlist od Hanze Zimmra, najednou je i čtení emailů #epic #fb

  3. BTW guys, I was using S2E on CM10 then my phone crashed and it does not see the SD card anymore, it sees other card, so the reader is fine, and I could read the card in the computer just fine, I also reinstalled the system from the same card(!) that phone could not see. then I've tried to formate it and since then the phone can't see this card even from CWM, do you have any idea how to fix it, or what tools I can use to diagnose the card? Its class 10 16gigs and it would be shame to loose it :(
  4. yey I am still on CM10 so I'll jump straight to this update ;) (after I'll find time to reinstall the whole thing :( )
  5. hey guys, whats going on, is this thread still alive? 3 days without a single post? :(
  6. sounds great! if only those are the issues then it will be finaly some good rom :) (also missing the panorama feature is just fine by me :))
  7. nakoupil jsem včera všem jen opravdu debilní dárky s tim, že to nemá cenu, když bude ten konec světa a ono nic? #KusPlechuAAlbumEvyAVaška

  8. thanks, I must've missed it, and as I see its what I have expected :) well 4.2 would be a very nice christmass present, wouldn't it? :)
  9. does anyone know what is tilal working on? :) I know its probably finals time, but we haven't heard of him for a while.
  10. It works same as anywhere else, maybe try to describe your problem better TPT is used to change your phone partition sizes. You have 3 partitions in your phone, System, Cache and Data. But by default the memory is distributed between them very poorly. Thanks to TPT you can change that to (for example) 220 MB - System, 2 MB cache, and rest for data. This procedure will erase everything in your phone memory, this is what you need to be careful about. Yes just delete the files from the gapps zip, but you should be sure what are you deleting to avoid problems
  11. aaa @YouTube zase změnil layout, jsem zvědavej co zas nebude fungovat a jaký užitečný funkce odstranili...

  12. you can use 200 megs for system, but you have to check if your rom+gapps will fit, if not, you should remove some apps or ringtones and such to fit it into the 200 megs, but people in the thread recomend 220 for system
  13. np, this is what is this forum about, isn't it?
  14. Dnešní akční hry jsou opravdu jen cutscenes které může člověk čas od času ovládat, případně ho tvůrci nechají projít rovnou chodbou...