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  1. I recently force updated to stock 952 and notifications dissapeared, try factory reset
  2. Question about MAC address

    Now I have phone offically unlocked and was careful not to restore hacked boot and still wifi mac was changed so that is not the case it must be something to do with the Rom. Also your other point is also invalid as it stays he same as what i have changed it to even if i wipe cache and dalvik.
  3. Question about MAC address

    Ok so followed the unlock procedures all went well. I checked the MAC address whilst i was on stock b952 and it displayed correctly (same as whats on the sticker under battery). Upon restoring my rom checked again and it had reverted to what it was before. Im stumpped as to why this is, its obviously not the bootloader hack. i am going to go through the rom with a fine tooth comb to see what is causing it. It seems to be a default android MAC address. Well i have found 2 files in system/wifi they are "nvram_4330_MSM7627A_C8812" and "nvram_4330", both have my shown mac address in them, i have eddited the addresses in the files and this has changed my shown mac both on my phone and at my router and everything still works. This has cured the problem of my mac being the same as my daughters. I can only assume this is some kind of default android mac as the same files are present in stock roms. I guess the system falls back on this if it cannot read real devices mac.
  4. Question about MAC address

    Ok well i dont have access to my daughters phone at the moment so cant comment of blutooth MAC but i know serial numbers and IMEI numbers are different. I have just submitted the form for the unlock code as in George's post and had to remove battery to get the serial number because the one shown on the phone was only 12 digits. I noticed the MAC address on the label is different to whats displaying on my phone. Once i have the unlock code from Huawei i will run through the unlock and see if it makes any difference.
  5. Question about MAC address

    Yes bootloaders are unlocked using the eplained like you are 5 method on this forum. Restoring IMEI back up did not change MAC address, could it be that Huawei saved money by giving all g300s the same MAC?. If i flashed a different rom would it change it? Is there anyway to change it through the build prop or with a script
  6. Question about MAC address

    Yes did a back up with 5irom, does this back up MAC address also ?
  7. Hi Both myself and my daughter have G300s and i have noticed that we both have the same MAC address, is this normal and i belive it is causing some wifi instability when we both try to use it. We are both using Slim ics rom heavily customised with emotion ui elements. I had my phone first and i took the rom from my phone and put onto hers using TWRP. Shouldn't the mac be written into the hardware so changing roms should not effect it should it. If someone can help i would be greatful
  8. B960 to B952

    Force the update by putting the dload on the root of your sd card and then power off, remove battery, replace battery then hold power and volume down until boot process starts
  9. Stock apps/Mods for the G300!

    The Op isn't claiming they are his mods or flashables anyway. It states quite clearly he is just collating for easy retreval. I know you are a kid but dont act like one, all your Roms are just pieces you ripped from others anyway.
  10. Would g510 rom run on the G300 as they both have the same amount of ram (I know G510 has Dual core but many other coponents would probably be similar eg camera, it has same resolution, ect) or could the rom be used to cook a JB rom for the G300. I ask because the Huawei site has the Voda G510 rom on there for download.
  11. G510 vs G300

    There shouldn't be any reason why you can't download a launcher from the store like apex or nova and ditch the Emotion thingy anyway without hacking
  12. Same as the rom. Go into recovery by turning off phone then holding power and volume up until whatever recovery you use come up then wipe cache and dalvik cache, then install zip from SD and reboot - easy.
  13. Look around the board the Toggles can be flashed seperately (Cm style toggles)
  14. Battery is good on B10, no issues what so ever so really depends on what you want from a rom. I personly will stick with B10 until this Phone dies as it is my prefered ICS rom. Unless something spectacular in the Jellybean variety comes along
  15. Thats entirely down to you, I think as long as you still offer B10 for download you can leave as it is, just badge B10 as Stable. Thanks for everything.