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  1. given this a try but no joy , the progress bar still stops at the same point
  2. Hi I tried to root my g300 using the method on modaco but I think I have now bricked the device. The phone just stays at the Huawei logo on start up. So, I tried to return the phone to stock by installing the official Huawei software and holding the power plus vol up and down buttons and the software saved to the sd card. When I do this the the install starts but the progress bar stops about a 1/4 way through, see pic. I have tried 5 different versions of Huawei official firmware all with the same problem! Can any help?? Thanks in advance
  3. Temp Unroot Xperia for Sky Go app

    I have installed a different version of superuser, done temp unroot and works perfect now! :)
  4. I would like to turn root off or hide it from the sky go app.Is there a way to do this or will I need to unroot the phone to be able to use skygo again? I have tried the temp unroot option on super user but the sky go app still detects that it is a rooted phone Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. I made $150 USD yesterday filling out simple surveys: http://t.co/UCKeTPcr

  6. Best Android Devices under £250?

    Just bought a Sony Xpeia P and its awesome! Previously had a G330 which was also great an a G300 which also could not be faulted. I rooted all three and ran custome roms on the Huaweis. The Sony software is great though and I have no need to run any custom rom! Go to the main page on here and purchase from Chitter Chatter, brand new, unlocked, next day delivery for only £149.99 Best bargain ive hadsince the G330 and G300. I really dont understand the fuss over iphones and samsungs when you can purchase phones like this at such amazing prices! Great time to be a phone buyer!
  7. BARGAIN WATCH: Sony Xperia P @ £149.99

  8. BARGAIN WATCH: Sony Xperia P @ £149.99

    Now rooted with the Sony Xperia P! Top class phone and a true bargain! Thanks for pointing it out guys!
  9. I tried new hosts files with no Joy so given up! Bought an Xpedia P which arrived neday on saturday unlocked and only £149.99! Its a better phone than the Huawei G330 and hopefully there should be more support for it on the Forums, have it rooted and its great! The G330 was a great phone but just not enough support to go with my limited technical ability! Mine is shortly to be listed on Ebay if anyone is interested before hand let me know, only owned it a few weeks and is in mint condition with all original box, books and accessories plus case. If anyone wants one of the Sonys then the offer on the News page is a great one!
  10. BARGAIN WATCH: Sony Xperia P @ £149.99

    Mine turned up yoday with next day delivery! Great phone. Remember it needs a micro sim though! Gotta go to O2 shop now to swap mine over
  11. I have some files I can try, will give it a go! cheers
  12. can you clear the whole hosts file?
  13. just wondering if my gapps file is not compatible with the g330
  14. cant get that link to open im afraid
  15. Ok will give that one a try. Should all the google apps run OK with that one?