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  1. CWM not recommended, Twrp recommended Latest twrp image: http://techerrata.com/browse/twrp2/u8815 Sorry for bad english. I sucessfully upgraded CM10.2 sep19 to sep22 build with TWRP recovery. Imho TWRP compatible with CM10.2 CWM buggy, I get internal storage errors with cwm in CM10.1-2 ROMs.
  2. Switch phone to fastboot mode(power off, long push power on+woldown) and connect usb cable, install Minimal adb and fastboot http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=42407269 to get fastboot command environment. Type fastboot flash recovery <image file> The recovery image copy to the fastboot environment installaltion directory. After finish type: fastboot reboot, unplug the usb cable.
  3. I successfully OTA(CM updater) updgraded from sep 19 to sep 22 build with latest TWRP.
  4. I installed CM10.2 with TWRP without problems. But, I not recommend latest(v6.0.3.7)cwm from daz, installed CM10.2 and CM10.1 roms with latest cwm and get permanently force close google apps/trebuchet. Latest twrp: http://techerrata.com/browse/twrp2/u8815