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  1. Battery drain? Hey guys, anybody experienced battery drain after installing this rom? I don't know if it's actually a drain since my device doesn't really want to charge, either. I installed the latest (23.07.) stable build yesterday any my phone died while charging during the night. Android's own diagnostics says my battery health is good, I don't know if that's reliable but for now I ruled out battery failure as an option. Any ideas or experiences? Edit: I've used happily a January build until now without any problems so I gotta think it's the rom. Thanks, Balint
  2. Hey, Generally a good rom, I'm surprised to see my blade running ICS but there we go. One thing though, annoying as f...: I can't get instagram to work. There is just no way. I went back to the 1.1 version and it still freezes at the same point, right before I could filter my pic ('Unfortunately, the process com.instagram.android has stopped'). The rest of the app works correctly, photo feed, explore, likes and my acc. Anybody else having this problem? Is there a workaround?