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  1. SMS not being received

    Seems like a really nice app, I'll take a look at it, thanks! So, reports from my usage so far: yesterday night I had problems receiving texts, but it might've been because I started restarting (thinking the problem was back) before the messages could even be delivered. That might've been it. Also, after the messages began working again EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE I had lost yesterday was received. And it was more than I thought, I had lost well over 20 messages. I'll post additional feedback once I get more information. As of now, the problem seems to be solved, but confirmation will be needed. PS: I also realized I did NOT delete all the apps, only system ones.
  2. SMS not being received

    Well I'd like to keep them. I'll try and look into this better tomorrow, right now I think I should get some sleep. Been messing around my phone for the last 10 hours, nonstop. Will post feedback on my daily use tomorrow afternoon
  3. SMS not being received

    I finished the fresh reinstall, this time in CM10.1 (might as well upgrade while I'm at it, right?). I can now receive texts again, but only with time will I find out if they are getting lost. One problem I do have with the stock messaging app is that it is EXTREMELY slow. Basically, I have 19k messages stored. This wasn't a problem with GO SMS Pro, but apparently it is a problem with the stock messaging app that attempts to load them all into memory, or something like that (only logical explanation I find). EDIT: By extremely slow I mean it stays in the "Loading Conversations" screen for MINUTES
  4. Swapping RAM?

    I don't think it will have the same effect as the feature in Windows as it works differently. In Windows it only places files which aren't being accessed often in the flash drive to avoid excessive tear. I believe you have the option to use Swap in CWM, being able to partition your SD card. Swap is the equivalent of Pagefiles (sort of), but in Linux.
  5. Swapping RAM?

    This tears down the SD card much, much faster. Flash memories have a limited life-span, which is regulated by how many write operations were made. If you use it as RAM, that is constantly being written into, your card shouldn't last very long.
  6. SMS not being received

    So Mario Cardoso might've changed more than just the messaging app. Perhaps he changed something which actually fixed the problem but he doesn't know. Either way, will change application just in case it is causing it, for some weird reason. EDIT: Current status: SMS stopped working altogether after OTA to CM10 R6. I do not receive texts I send to myself from my own phone nor texts other people send me, and happens on both GO SMS and stock messaging. Restarting no longer makes me receive the messages that were lost. MMS are also lost, and delivery reports still mark messages as received. Attempted restoring to previous state, with stock messaging frozen and GO SMS Pro running, and it did nothing. The OTA must've corrupted something, only logical explanation. Now considering a fresh install as soon as I get home if I don't fix it until then.
  7. SMS not being received

    Now going to upgrade to the latest CM10 revision, then I'll uninstall GO SMS Pro and see if the problem disappears. I wonder if this happens with other texting apps or only GO.
  8. SMS not being received

    I'm on Portuguese Vodafone as well, I guess I'll give it a shot then!
  9. SMS not being received

    I would like to try and fix it myself (with the help of people around here) before returning it, especially since it's a software problem.
  10. SMS not being received

    So the full wipe actually fixed it for you and it has never happened again?
  11. SMS not being received

    I never restored any settings. The only things I restored was application data, but none of which was related to texting. The only restore I did related to texting was the SMS restoration using GO Backup, but I don't think it has anything to do with it, makes no sense.
  12. SMS not being received

    I am currently on GO SMS (Pro), and the problem persists. I am considering reflashing into Infusion if the issue proves to be related to CyanogenMod only, although I prefer Cyanogen over Infusion (both awesome, but Infusion is limited by ICS)
  13. SMS not being received

    YES YES YES, they sometimes get received after I restart my phone, sometimes they don't. They will be received if I haven't received any messages after the one that I lost, if I did it won't be received. Sometimes I also get duplicate messages (or even triplicate), instead of just one (and after checking the message details, timestamp says they were all sent at the same time).
  14. Hey there. I'm currently facing a problem I've never seen before, and can't seem to find any explanation for it: I sometimes do not receive messages sent by other people. I have contacted my operator, Vodafone, and they have assured me that all of the messages that were sent to me were successfully delivered to my phone, which reported them as received. They then suggested that I returned it, but unfortunately I cannot as I have rooted it and therefore the warranty is void. The people who send me the texts which do not get received already have the "Delivery Report" option activated, and they do get a delivery report even when I do not receive the text messages saying I did receive them. I use GO SMS Pro, and have the stock messaging app uninstalled. The problem existed before its uninstallation, I just uninstalled it since I was getting duplicate MMS. I am currently running CM10, on R4. I am unable to know whether or not the problem already existed before, but I think it didn't. While I was on stock I used to text a lot, then stopped texting for a while, and only restarted texting once I was into CyanogenMod. The problem existed in CM9, although it was very rare (would happen once a week, at most). Now it happens quite frequently. Yesterday, 4 messages were not received: huge pain in the ass as people think I'm not answering when in fact I didn't get their message. Talking to people never works out when you're having an important conversation and have to ask "Did you not answer, or did I not get your message?" frequently. I can grab catlogs, and do whatever you want, although I'd like to keep a fresh reinstall as the last measure, and not the first. Thank you, Kelthar
  15. [ROM][JB] CM10 by Joestone

    So between the current CM10 posted by Daz and the one posted by joestone, Daz's seems to have less bugs? The ones in joestone's CM10 seem to be much more noticeable and disrupt proper usage much more than Daz's. Off-topic: Daz, keep up the good work. Pretty sure most of us here love your work and appreciate all of your effort!