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  1. Does anyone else have problems when pressing the 'phone' icon and then the screen hangs? What happens is that I press the phone icon and then try to dial a number but as soon as I press a number the screen hangs and then it waits for about 10 seconds and then a message comes up telling me that the contacts list is not responding and whether I want to close it and I press no...afterwards it goes back to the main screen and I repeat what I did again but this time when I try to dial numbers it actually works. Very strange. Any help on this issue as its quite annoying when I'm trying to make a new call and this happens...
  2. Thanks Geoff2 that solved it!
  3. Hi guys I bought a g300 a while back and it wasn't till the other day when my friend tried calling me that I found out I don't have a voicemail function activated. When someone calls me it just rings for like 30 seconds and then suddenly hangs up with no leave a message option. I recently updated to infusion B6 and everything is running fine but I can't figure out how to enable my voicemail. I followed these steps but it still doesn't work. 1. Went to settings then to voicemail settings where it tells you to enter a number. I entered my mobile number for example 07123456789 then pressed enter. 2. Tried ringing the phone but no option still. 3. Went into settings then call forwarding and found out all my options are disabled so I tried to enable the forward when unreachable option by entering the same mobile number as above "for example 07123456789" however when I press enter it just says unexpected response from network... Is there something wrong with my phone? I have updated to infusion B6 but I have not unlocked my phone service provider so I am still using vodafone as my service provider. Can anyone help?
  4. So is it generally agreed at least for now, that B06 is better than B07 as there seems to be some problems with B07 according to some and there is no difference between them?
  5. Thanks Tillaz. Not asking for more, but is this the last release for the foreseeable future? Or are you cooking something up in the next couple of weeks? I'm asking this because I haven't updated from 06 to 07 yet and if 08 is just round the corner then I can afford to wait.... Thank you for all your hard work!
  6. Hi Tillaz I was wondering what the best way is for backing up the G300 before I do a full wipe? I went from B05 to B06 today and stupidly forgot to back things up...now all my apps, app settings, game saves etc are all gone! I don't want to be a noob again when B07 :P comes out. What app or method should I use for this? Thanks again for the awesome rom :D
  7. I think it said B934 when I just installed it....
  8. I love this new rom already....it appears to be slightly faster but it may be a placebo effect unless something was actually done to make it faster.... :P I installed it and when rebooting into B06 for the first time it hung on setup wizard screen and it said whether I wanted to skip it. I tapped no and decided to wait it out...it worked the second time though. Also I was wondering is there a way to backup app saves? I'm saying this because I just realised I lost all my settings in apps such as game saves and high scores etc :D Can I recover them or do I need to do it all over again? Also I just realised that there is an 'E' next to my signal thing... I'm a newb but what is that?? I'm sure it wasn't there on B05 Anyway thanks Tillaz, this is great!
  9. This is unreal...Infusion is getting better and better :D
  10. At one point today I saw that Modaco was down for maintenance reasons so this may have something to do with the constant cloudflare thing which I'm also getting 80% of the time.
  11. Cheers for this, just wanted to ask if I do update from B05 to B06, I do lose EVERYTHUNG right? So all my apps and wallpaper etc...how do I back this up? SD Card?
  12. No rush at all cause your doing a great job but can you give a rough estimate of the next update release data? Would it be at least a month or two or far more longer than that? Thanks for all your work :)
  13. Which version are you guys using?

    Thats interesting. I personally run infusion's latest build of which I like a lot. Can I just ask why you prefer flavaroo's one more? Is there something wrong with infusion's latest build? I'm not saying that its bad but I have never tried it and I may give it a whizz if its good.
  14. Hello With all the different roms out there I was wondering which one you guys are using i.e. official ICS or custom ICS or JB etc. This could be quite an interesting poll related thread.. :D
  15. Hello guys I literally just received my G300 today and loved it straight away for a budget phone which is charging right now. Now I have never owned a smartphone until now which is embarrassing I suppose :blush: and so I know nothing about the whole Android business. I was therefore wondering whether the veterans can put me towards the correct direction as to what I should do to my phone to unlock its full potential so more controllability, less lag, play games more efficiently etc... ? I heard that the iPhone which this is not has something called jailbreak...has this got a equivalent to it? I did some background research and I intend to root it to get more functions but when it comes to the firmware which one should I use? Should I update to the newest ICS or use a custom rom update? I really know nothing about this and so I could use any help at all.... Thank you guys! :)