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  1. thanks for the replies. It seems this is problem lot of people are facing. Is there any cable that is similar to the original cable's pin configuration?
  2. I have bought two usb cables form ebay for G300 because my previous cable's (provided with the phone) lead was distorted a bit (works though). None of these usb cable charges the phone at the same rate as the original cable. The charging is very very slow and takes a lot of time to get a full charge. This why I bought a second cable thinking that first one was faulty. But both have very slow charging. Data transfer is fine with both. What is wrong with these cables?
  3. Unlocking and OTA

    Thanks. When the ICS upgrade is available from vodafone, do I need to use vodafone sim card for OTA or any sim card would do?
  4. Hi I have recently bought a Huawei G300 and it is locked to Vodafone UK. My firmware version shows B892. By searching through the interenet I have found that Vodafone would release ICS for this phone and will be available through OTA. But I want to unlock the phone as soon as possible (vodafone is very costly). Will unlocking prevent me from upgrading to ICS via OTA from Vodafone (even if I use vodafone sim while doing that)? Also will unlocking the phone degrade its performance? Please suggest should I go for unlocking. Thank you.