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  1. Just there CM 10.1 buggy, and you would have made it stable .... PLEASE!
  2. C3C0, sorry for the stupid question, but can you create a rom for Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Please!!!
  3. How can be transferred to the PIE paranoid 3+ on paranoid 2.63?
  4. I use Camera JB+ (stable on ZTE skate android 4.x.x). Download: http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=366323&st=0#entry14819738
  5. Why not take a paranoid basis of 2.63 from C3C0? This would be stable.
  6. I use Paranoid 2.62, but I want something more ...
  7. There is no money, just flash the iPhone would look nice and smoothly on android 4.x.x
  8. Well somebody make Rom on android 4.x.x in style iPhone, PLEASE!!!
  9. I need to and set it as a iPhone.....
  10. I would like to JOYOS on android 4.x.x, he would look just super ...
  11. I mean port iPhone Rom JOYOS 1.1.4 on android 4.x.x on Russian ...
  12. I'll just do not Rum, so I ask the developers really need .. On android 4.x.x it would look a lot better than android 2.3.7 ....

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