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  1. BBC News - Romanian journalist goes undercover as hotel cleaner http://t.co/Dry7pmgh

  2. Jellybean

    SuperNexus BUILD3 is fast as hell. I am running his BETA now !!! WOW !!! the only problem with the ROM, is that it lacks customizations like CM10 and AOKP JB have.
  3. O2 UK offering free wi-fi, even for non-O2 customers

    this looks good, 10 hotspots in a 5 mile radius ;)
  4. They look really good, I might buy a pair next month. I can then get rid of these awful Sony ones I've had since forever
  5. Want to write for us?

    done :) hope I'll be the CHOSEN one :D
  6. What a joke !!! RT @cnetuk Black iPhone 5 damage is 'normal' says Apple's Phil Schiller http://t.co/cAJ9RQqk