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  1. people i want install that version in my huawei so if you can help me i want know the good and the bad of this rom :D (soz english)
  2. Haatch

    Mirror's Edge now free for Lumia owners

    why dont have for android whyyyyyyyy :(
  3. for now the rom is perfect .. no lag and very good performance. one question. the best filer explorer? i can´t access to the internal memory. :s (sorry my weak english im portuguese :) )
  4. Thank you for your work. I'll test this rom. after I leave here a note on it. For when new update? (if any of course) Cumps,
  5. will we in our huaweis JB android? sorry for the English. : D
  6. my huawei with this update is having a worst performance..... Its normal?
  7. But there is some problem while leaving it as is?
  8. People here on the forum. is normal in my huawei in part on the phone saying it is a htc desire hd? (I'm new at this so this question)
  9. But then i can install this version? and how do I install? does not appear normal file update ... : s (I'm still new at this) Thankz
  10. my huawei appears in this version B08 mean a version newer than this?