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  1. Thank you KonstaT for an excellent 10.3 release. {begin rant zRAM swap is enabled per default, settings for pool size, compression ratio and option to disable swap on ZRAM, was removed? Default on setting is possibly (probably not) a good idea on newer multicore phones with faster CPU's but they also tend to have more RAM so its not really needed. Personally i cannot stand having zRAM swap enabled causing horrible bad responsivness and hogging the [email protected] and bus hogging during compression/decompression depending on the size of page to compress and move. Decreasing responsivness and causing increased latency in GUI sometimes making input and interface interaction really bad. I simply wrote a init file to disable it, not a big problem and im certain there are plenty of apps out there for disabling or configuring size of pool, compression ratio thresholds or disabling it. but yeah, i rather have my 67MB uncompressed ram and use less bloated apps rather than compress RAM that i do not have. The Blade III was never a performer that was responsive or had low latency but with ZRAM and google now enabled it's on the verge of unusable, its like trying to play Metro: Last Light or BF4 on a 10 year old laptop with IGP, its futile. All things must die and i hope my blade will RIP in the e-waste container at the local dump. end} ont: i had one problem with this and the previous build. It has probably something to do with the proximity sensor, scaling ringtone, auto brightness or cLOCK lockscreen widget. It happends when i get incoming calls, screen stays black atleast 5-10 sec, pressing the power button lights it up and mutes the ringtone so it was still usable. I appreciate the time and work you laid down on both the Blade I and III. Swedish Snow and Aurora Borealis are some of your best ROM's, clean debloated, with small ui tweaks on stable stock base with OC kernel i like :)
  2. Anyone else noticed problem with the GPS app?, its "stuttering" most of the time, more so when searching for satellites but sometimes also after it get a fix. edit: enabling KSM and changing CPU scheduler seems to have fixed it (atleast for now).