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  1. Hello, I recently change my g300 for new y300 and I'm very happy with it :). I bought phone in china and I don't have google account. Can someone help me how to root y300? I unlock bootloader via code that received from huawei. Thank you :)
  2. You are right, no data will be lost when flash this kernel.
  3. Release #7 does not have zram enabled. MemoryInfo sad that kernel doesn't have swap file enabled. Please can you check it?
  4. It work on stock 952 ww rom, apply them yesterday
  5. This kernel is amazing, my battery last for more that 3 days with normal usage :)
  6. Is screen more responsive now with this updated touchscreen drivers?
  7. I made screen more responsive with disabling CPU rendering. Process to disable CPU rendering is: - with a file manager with root access go to system/lib/eg - open the file egl.cfg. DELETE everything inside the file but keep this line: 0 1 adreno200 - rename from egl folder. Add these to your Build.prop file: debug.qctwa.statusbar=1 debug.qctwa.preservebuf=1 debug.qc.hardware=true com.qc.hardware=true To improve scrolling add this to build.prop ro.max.fling_velocity=4000 Reboot phone. I found this method originally on
  8. When I enter engineering menu it tells that touch screen type is synaptics-CMI.3 and lcd type is CHIMEI RSP61408. Which one digitizer is better synaptics or melfas?
  9. I have synaptics digitiser. I suppose that problem is with touchscreen drivers used with 3.08 kernel.
  10. I'm running ICS B944 and I still have this problem. I usually have to tap more than once to get response. Does anyone have solution for this problem?
  11. Official downgrade
  12. Antutu benchmark at default settings gives 3257, quadrant standard gives: Total:1948, CPU:1851, Mem:1797, I/O:3792, 2D:801, 3D:1500 I checked "force gpu render" in developers options and after that UI is working much smoother.
  13. With "force gpu rendering" in developers options this rom is working like charm :) I'm very satisfied :)

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