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  1. Or then he has a Blade like me, it just won't do tpt...
  2. Well, after all this. Opinions, what is the "best" version (of Cyanogenmod) to have on old rusty Blade? Honestly, I never though to see the day, that there is somehow working ROM, with so high version number ;) Kudos to Konstat and all the others, who made this possible. Nice work, indeed...
  3. Yes, those exactly. No, I have tried on 3 different SD-cards which all function perfectly on any of my devices. My Blade just doesn't go into TPT-mode, it seems. Yes, that is what I was about to try. I have moved away from my blade twice (first N9 and now Note 3) and I am about to give it to my friend, but would like it to have the latest Konstat-ROM installed. Would be friends first Android-phone ;)
  4. I'm trying to change the partition sizes, but having no luck with TPT. My Blade just doesn't seem to go to the mode to apply TPTs. I read on some thread, that some version would need a single .img-file to work (instead of folder full of files, as I now have). How do I change the folder full of files to that? Or should I try the "Windows way" described in thread here on Modaco, straight away?
  5. Let's say, that I have tried it between 15-20 times, with 3 different SDs... If it hasn't worked yet, it never will :D
  6. Yes, I know. I have read many threads about this topic and the only thing that makes sense, is that I have a version where there isn't that TPT-ability. Phone just boots to ROM and goes to safe mode, if I boot with those buttons pressed.
  7. Damn! I have been trying to put a new TPT, to optimize the memory layout. But after trying with 3 different SD-cards and checking everything that comes to my mind, I have to conclude I must have one of those Blades that don't have the ability to apply a TPT. It just doesn't do the flashing, no matter what combination of vol- and menu-buttons I try.
  8. There is image-folder and there are the files. As I told, I checked it out with TPT-helper. There is no fitting image there either, closest one is 160 system partition, but as I said, ROM and gapps do not fit into that, it should be 165. I already have Konstat's modified 6027 cwm.... Everything should be ok, but I just cannot get it to make the partitioning. Maybe something to do with the image? I really wouldn't want to bother with trimming rom or gapps to make it fit. Strange that no-one has yet made a fitting image for this rom/gapps-combination (165/2)...
  9. There is no fitting image file on TPT download list, rom+gapps don't fit in 160. I made my own (165/2) and checked the folder, it said 11/13 matches (appsboot.mbn and partition_zte.mbn are the ones that do not match) and I believe it should be OK? Anyway, when I take the battery out and keep home and Vol+ pressed, it just boots to "safe mode", there is no "green text". It just boots normally, but to safe mode. Dreis911 said, to press menu and Vol-, well that just boots to CWM... I must be missing something? :wacko:
  10. How does one apply a new partition sizes? I have 24.7-version of ROM installed, with Konstat's 6027 clockwork. I installed TPT Helper and made my own package (165 system/2 cache, old is 220 system/37.5 cache/162 data) and tried to boot with home and vol + button pressed. The only thing that accomplished, was going into safe mode... I tried to reboot to TPT-install from TPT Helper, but it gave something like "This ROM is not supported" or something like that. So, how do I apply the new partition sizes? Kinda annoying, when having about 4 small programs installed and already Hangout update says "Too little memory" xD