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  1. Can anyone tell me what the benifits are from this stable version and the beta V33? I am just wondering if it is worth switching to this if I get more memory or less bugs. Baidu is the best ROM I have used (I have used most). I love it. I regret not testing it sooner.
  2. @pOcHa Thank you for the reply. I have now disabled them. I really like how they looked and worked. It is a shame they can't be made to work with English sites and locations. Thanks for this wonderful ROM. I am enjoying it so much. I am using the phone again (Which I had stopped using due to it stalling on other ROMS). Great work.
  3. Hi all, I am having some issues here. I read that the location error is fixed but it seems to be on my phone. I am unable to set my location to anything but a China location. I also get a UNKNOWN with my map and weather. Maybe it is related, but, can I change the news Window? It is all in Chinese and I would love to have English news here. Can I customize it? If so... How? I have checked and find no options but selection what type of news. Apart from this I think it is amazing. I have tried most the ROMS since I got the phone (When it was new). I wish I tried it before now. Thanks for the hard work. C
  4. KingConrad

    Leaving community.

    Thanks for the work and input with others. Not a big poster but I visit a lot and use the ROMS. Maybe I will see your work on future phones I get. Good luck.
  5. @kyan3a Any news on when you will get a new PC? Just wondering when any new updates will happen :)
  6. I am not sure that this is a ROM issue. The reason I am posting is I am unsure what it could be if it is not the ROM. When using Google Music and trying to play a Song I get this error "No space available" It is a FRESH install. I have a 4GB card inside that is newly formatted. If I put anything on the card I can use it (akp, movies and MP3 files) so I am sure it is not the sd card. I have no idea what it is. Is anyone else having this issue? If it is not the ROM I have no idea what else it could be. Apart from this problem the ROM is amazing.
  7. Thank you. Stock+ was what I was looking at. I never liked Stock but Stock+ sounds interesting. Is it true that all apart from Stock have the distortion for calls? I may try both Stock+ and Telsa and see what they are both like. Thanks kyan31 for your ROM :) I was not sure about 4.2.X as I read it eats battery. I also worry that it will be slow? I guess ICS is good enough for me. I have a San Diego phone also which I use for these things... My G300 is my normal phone as I find it a good all rounder. Thanks
  8. Hi, I know that you may not be able to answer my question fully. I normally do not ask questions like this but since I last updated my ROM here lots has changed. I am finding it quite daunting to pick a ROM. Check list Stable Battery efficient Updated regularly I do not play many games on my phone. I mostly browse, check emails, watch some videos and listen to music. I currently use Infusion B06 and before I last updated had B03 (I think). The issues I have with Infusion is the call quality. I am also finding the battery is not great (Maybe this is the best I can get?). I also have a big problem with Google Music. It tells me that I have no space but I have loads of space left. It only started when I upgraded to B06. I have a big SD card on it and nothing taking up space in the internals... its really annoying. So if anyone can help great. I wish I could test all the ROMS but I just hate having to download all my apps again. Maybe some of you have some ideas what will fit me and anyone else in my situation.
  9. The shop who rooted my phone did not use cwm :( . Sucks I know. I'll try though
  10. KingConrad

    [ICS] Found U8815 B927 ROM

    Can someone upload these in one file? Having issues.
  11. Sorry for long title. I had my phone unlocked and rooted but its not done how your guides show. I asked for it to be upgraded to ics which it is but its the hua version which does nothing I want as i can't use google play. Its a nightmare. I have no pc and no way to get to one for awhile. ive tried downgrading but always get errors. Please try to.give me some advice. Thanks.