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  1. Have you seen this kernel sources: https://github.com/roman-yepishev/android-kernel-msm ? It is fully bootable with several issues. I think it will be easier to cherry-pick commits above this kernel.
  2. KitKat for liquid?

  3. KitKat for liquid?

    http://forums.androidcentral.com/lg-optimus-s-rooting-roms-hacks/331332-4-4-kitkat-7.html "The fix for the camera and other errors are in the folders I forked in my repo: android_external_chromium_org android_frameworks_base android_frameworks_av" Just googled, no guarantees that it'll do the trick
  4. [ROM] Flaming UI - CM10

    Can you provide solution for ghost touch problem? What about deepsleep? Last time I've installed CM9 or CM10 deepsleep randomly stopped working depending on app started. Do this problem fixed in this ROM?
  5. Tonight new kernel had crashed, I can't provide you additional info, just last_kmsg: http://pastebin.com/NG17fMcr BTW, top battery light doesn't blink on charging, only on full charge. UPD: Looks like device can fully freeze, for now I don't know conditions for this: first case I've reproduced on sleeped device, it was unable to awake; second case was with using gmail, it freezed completely, only removing battery helped UPD2: I'm experiencing "Error" message on the WiFi is turned on. Kmsg: http://pastebin.com/EEQPrq4X Logcat: http://pastebin.com/tRD6Djv7 UPD3: Looks like the USB mass storage from the OS doesn't work. I tap "Turn on mass storage" it begins spinning and drive doesn't mount on the host PC.
  6. [ kernel]: Working, call for testing

    With stock froyo ROM this kernel in deep sleep cosumes average 0,2-0,3% per 30m. Features: I'm exepriencing average problem with the Wifi, sometimes it repeatadly turns off. Other features looks well for me.
  7. [ kernel]: Working, call for testing

    Here is another bug with WiFi. When I turn on WiFi and try to browse, it turns off after a while. After 30 secs connects to the wifi spot again and so on. Logcat and kmsg: http://pastebin.com/YGExaHVF http://pastebin.com/UtBFMEhg In log look at records for 6:00-7:00 AM
  8. [ kernel]: Working, call for testing

    http://pastebin.com/KrSH1jTs Here is another crash reproduced on hang call.
  9. [ kernel]: Working, call for testing

    Ahaha, phone is even worse that I've imaginated. Restarts on outgoing call, you've described in blog, I had earlier reproduced only on CM7-based firmwares. On CM9 worked fine.
  10. [ kernel]: Working, call for testing

    I've tried to mount from the terminal emulator on the phone, beacuse of troubles with the driver on home PC. I'll try to dump debug info via adb from another PC where drivers and adb works. Yes it was a problem with terminal emulator. Here is output: magic_num_1: 00000003 apps_boot_reason: 90020000 Yes I do, it is a "life:)" cell provider.
  11. [ kernel]: Working, call for testing

    Here is another crash using the latest "dirty" build. WiFi was turned off I've just made a call, tried to reply and phone had crashed. http://pastebin.com/vQndpfpG I was unable to mount acer_smem and dump the bootmode_info after crash. "mount: No such device"
  12. [ kernel]: Working, call for testing

    This text should appear in kmsg, am I right?
  13. [ kernel]: Working, call for testing

    I've faced wake on lock problem again, but in this case the phone waked after some time. Ican confirm that problem is relates to wifi module. There was a open WIFI in cafe, and phone had problems with waking up, turns on after 10-20 seconds after power button pressed. I've turned WIFI down and unlocking got work back. I'll paste dmesg some time later, have problems with driver.
  14. [ kernel]: Working, call for testing

    Can not confirm anything, because I left my phone for a while. When I've returned it is already slept as Sleeping Beauty and doesn't respond to the power button. I have "2x battery app" it manages wifi turning on/off automatically. Periodically every 15 minutes it turns wifi on if screen is turned off.
  15. [ kernel]: Working, call for testing

    Reproduced sleep of death, but when I've plugged USB, phone had restarted. Here is last_kmsg dumped after restart: http://pastebin.com/iv39Qhu4 PS. Also I've dumped kmsg and logcat AFTER restart just in case, doubt if they will be useful.