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    jiayu g3
  1. anyone having issues with turning on bluetooth from notification while wifi is on? every time i try it, it freezes up the blade so much that i have to reinstall the rom again. no matter how many times i try to wipe cache/dalvik cache, it doesn't help.
  2. If you are familiar with SP FLASH TOOL, just install an official ROM by ejiayu (howto: first post by putbinoot). Should work perfectly.
  3. okay, thanks! i'll stick with ics, too, then. it's too stable to mess up with something beta or unstable, although i don't use netflix (non us ip) and bbc (non uk ip), i don't want to risk it. :)
  4. arelim

    Which applications do you run on your G3?

    are your firefox runs smoothly? mine lags like hell, but then again, i sync my bookmarks manually with a pc, because i can't seem to manage them on the phone, yet. to answer the op's question, i use these, without any lag or hiccup: imo maildroid tinytinyrss reader totalcommander mx player modo gtasks inkpad notepad anysoft keyboard with hungarian layout apex launcher (paid) realcalc titanium backup android firewall cubby emit font installer with bender.ttf keepassdroid ted official app modaco app ;) stock calendar with widget stock clock widget and just downloaded usb host diagnostics, to check if my g3 will see my pendrive via otg cable. :)
  5. arelim

    jiayu g3 stock weather app

    thanks, i think it will go to trash when i update to jb beta. also i'm not hooked to widgets and the like, because of the battery drain, and i use the traditional weather checking: i look out the window. :)
  6. arelim

    best place to get Jiayu G3

    i got mine from fastcardtech. the first one came about two months, and the second in about two weeks.
  7. arelim

    jiayu g3 stock weather app

    i don't know, because - as i said in #1 - i can't get it to work. there are no settings, no icons in the appdrawer, no nothing.
  8. arelim

    Jiayu G3 Camera

    do you know what does the stock camera apps last function is for? i've never seen it before in any of the hacked (cyanogen and miui) roms for other phones. it looks like a zoetrope, and it creates .mpo files, which you can play back and move with the phone's gyro.
  9. arelim

    Battery life

    not bad, but with fidgeting on the net with wifi, it drains under a day. also, i got shitty gsm reception, that also drains more.
  10. arelim

    jiayu g3 stock weather app

    it's a stock 4.0.4 ics. do you guys want the apk-s? oh yeah, got it from fastcardtech, in under two weeks. :)
  11. hi all! i was wondering if anyone got any clue about the stock provided weather app on the g3? how can you set it up, where does it show up? because, frankly, at first i thought that it is a lockscreen widget, but there is no settings for it it settings>security. i extracted the two files form /system/app/ named mtkweatherprovider.apk and mtkweathersettings.apk, and peeked inside. there are lots of yahoo weather icons, and widget backgrounds. if i try to install them, i got a "this is a system app and it's already installed, dumbass" into my face. attached pic about the apks.
  12. just a quick tip for the alternative cloud service: logmein cubby. currently in beta, but looks very promising and very stable. also you get more gb for free, and with a little social engineering, you can get a whopping 25 gb space. also, it has an android app.
  13. @putbinoot, can you enlighten me about the new jb beta? i rooted and cwm-ed my ics phone, and thinking about upgrading to jb. it is possible to update through cwm (with a backup and a full wipe beforehand, of course), or it's only possible via spflash/builtin update app? also will i lose my cwm in the process?
  14. this doesn't work for me on win7x64. my best bet was to install an xp into vmware, then try the upgrade from there. i installed a 6.5 firmware on my pocket loox n560. got the rom from here: http://fsc.newplowe.com/65_28205_01.htm