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  1. xena_wales added a post in a topic Touchscreen problems? Apps going crazy!   

    Thanks, I will do. I don't have a screen protector or case on mine. I found that locking and unlocking seemed to help too.
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  2. xena_wales added a topic in Orange San Diego   

    Touchscreen problems? Apps going crazy!
    Hi, just had a new issue started in the last few days - every now and again it seems as though someone is pressing the screen as things are being selected, zoomed right in on, links followed etc, with no input from me! It makes the phone unusable when this is going on. Luckily I managed to get it on vid so am planning to pop into an EE store today and see what they say.

    Anyone else had this problem? I've tried turning it off and back on but the problem still persists. I'm a bit loathe to go through a factory reset if it's a definite hardware issue?
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  3. xena_wales added a post in a topic All those with cracked casings, please post photos and explain further.   

    I hadn't noticed until I read this thread then had a close look! But yep, the black plastic is cracked on both sides between the silver strip and the screen, and the silver plastic is cracked in 3 places on the left hand side, and one place on the right hand side. Not good!! I've never taken the back off, and have had since Xmas. I do have a bad habit of having it in my back jeans pocket tho, so that must put some curvature stress on it when i sit down, even tho I'm not actually sat on it!
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  4. xena_wales added a post in a topic What to buy to wireless charge your Nexus 4   

    Been looking into this myself and doesn't appear to work?
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  5. xena_wales added a post in a topic Do you take your posh phone out jogging etc? Or a spare?   

    Errr, thanks. Not really practical tho - I guess you've never tried to shove a large phone in an otterbox down your jodhs? I was thinking of a more "out of the box" solution, like an app that automatically forwards calls and texts to your other number maybe? Maybe you all take your S3s jogging and mountain-biking then? ;)
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  6. xena_wales added a topic in Android General Discussion   

    Do you take your posh phone out jogging etc? Or a spare?
    Hi there, not sure if this has been posted before or not... wasn't sure what to search for! Anyway, I've just got a nice phone (HTC One S), but I'm a bit dubious about taking it out riding and stuff in case I fall on it or my horse drops me in the sea. I have an Xperia Tipo that is more compact and would be ideal for that kind of use.

    My question tho - is there any way of easily using the two phones, but still allowing people to get hold of me? Like some sort of duplicate SIM maybe? It would be a bit of a pain to swap the (micro!) sim every time.

    Cheers :)
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  7. xena_wales added a post in a topic Ideas to make the G300 less slippery?   

    Thanks all, for your replies. I read about the Plasti-dip stuff when I was trying to find similar for my Galaxy S! Shame it's so pricy or I would've tried that on both phones.

    I've seen the extended batteries that come with the soft-touch back, and was slightly tempted, but it's a fairly heavy phone anyway at 140g so didn't want to make it any heavier really.

    Sugru / Hack Things Better - that stuff is really cool!! I'd never heard of it before, but it seems a great idea - have added it to my watch list :)

    The Lucozade was a great idea tho, lol! Just need something like that that leaves a tacky surface which doesn't get your hands mucky. Maybe smear some rubber Loctite over instead ;)

    Sausage fingers... not quite! It falls out of my jeans pocket a bit too easily too, so it's not just the hands :D

    Rock and Nillkin cases - thanks, I had a look, but a bit steep as I'm hoping to swap out for the G330 pretty soon, so I decided to...


    Cheers guys :D
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  8. xena_wales added a post in a topic Ideas to make the G300 less slippery?   

    I've got the S-line Gel case, and I can't stand it - way too bulky. I guess if there's something similar to the CaseMate Barely There case for the G300, then that would be my 2nd choice. Cheers for the reply :)
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  9. xena_wales added a topic in Huawei Ascend G300 - G300.MoDaCo.com   

    Ideas to make the G300 less slippery?
    Hi all, just registered, but have been browsing here for months :)

    I want to make my G300 less slippery to hold, but without the bulk of a case (even a slimline one)

    I like the rubberised back of my other phones - shame Huawei didn't do it on this one, but at least it's on the G330 by the looks of it!

    Anyway, does anyone know of a grippy replacement battery door, or a very thin adhesiver rubber skin I can use? This is the only thing I can find so far:

    As an aside, I've been using my Galaxy S for a while, and just picked up the G300 to find it's used less than 50% of it's battery being on standby for 7 days, so am pretty impressed!
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