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  1. Vowney V5 Review - Sere83

    I was considering buying one of these variants, i wanted the Star I9500, but from what i gather the GPS problem is common with them all. So unless it can be sorted out i won't be buying. Shame, apart from that it looks great for just over £100.
  2. People will buy them on ebay even if it's to save pence. Stick a £10 voucher up for auction and you will rarely see one go below £9. I sold one for £9.56. Just email them the code and you don't even have to post it
  3. I'm new to all this , but just my 2 cents. I recently got the phone and so far all i've done is tried updating to the B888 ROM, the official ICS and the latest Infusion. I'm now on favaroooo B4 and the phone signal is much better/stable than the others!
  4. delete recovery 3e

    Thanks Cyda, yes that worked! Konao there is a tool for this you can download here: http://www.modaco.co...attach_id=81949 it will unlock the bootloader then you can install the CWM, worked for me anyway Edit: although it gets into CWM, none of the options work, it's just a had with a an arrow Edit 2: It's the home button to select, not the power button. doh!
  5. delete recovery 3e

    Here it is, can't do anything with this, if i try to install a custom ROM i get errors. Reinstalling CWM doesn't work, it always comes back to this. I use the CWM Easy Installer as thats the only way i know how being a noob. Any advice appreciated as i'm stuck with this official voda ICS right now.
  6. delete recovery 3e

    I would like to know this as well. I just got the phone and wanted to update the ROM but I read that you needed to update to the official ICS first so the baseband gets updated. so i followed this link and it says it will install the clockworkmod, but actually it installs something called Android System Recovery 3e.