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  1. CWM for MOTO G wtih F2FS support

    Christmas boot is because motorola have an app what changes boot, and hidden backups is a known bug, i set No Sdcard in Boardconfig but cwm doesn't read this stuff.
  2. ClockWork Mod Recovery v6.0.4.5 Device Source Tree: This should work on Unlocked BL devices. Basically, i only add f2fs support to a1Pha repos and make my fork and my build, this should be bug-free. First thing do you have to do if you installed alpha recovery before this is WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET, or bugs related with data format or flashing don't dissapear. THANKS: a1Pha for his repos. Download:
  3. Hi, i compiled TWRP from sources, i'll have the phone next week so now i'm working with other testers, but with two builds, i made a bootable recovery, so i'm going to post here my progress. STATUS: Boot, graphical glitches(Colour and Distortion). Distortion problems are fixed in my next build. Progress: Now i'm working in a custom graphics.c and should be working today or tomorrow. Download: There is two version, because some devices has ramdisk offset 0x01 and other 0x02(I don't know why), you should try both, or flash stock uk rom and use 0x01. 0x01 link: 0x02 link: Images(With colour distortion):
  4. [ROM] G510 Android ICS 4.0.4

    Someone tried in on y300?
  5. You only need to delete public.xml from values folder before recompile(Don't worr, this doesn't affect to final apk)
  6. I made the first build of PAC-ROM, wifi, ril and paranoid features doesn't work, i'm going to fix this bugs and will make a new build in a few days.
  7. Yes, but only in part, i'm going to start to work in PAC rom this night, but the base repositories are from kra1o5.
  8. New release soon, video changes and ril signal is fully stable now!
  9. Because is the stock kernel, if you flash it, rom doesn't work.
  10. European kernel sources aren't released by huawei.
  11. It's a kernel fault, chines y300 screen isn't ips and we use chinese sources.
  12. I made a new build but don't fix anything, so i don't going to upload it.
  13. Yes, a logcat can help me a lot, please make one and upload it to pastebin.

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