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  1. this is not grand s .. grand s have 13 mp camera nd u cant remove bttry
  2. Hi guyz M using Zte blde (custome rom) . Can any body tell me what is the max performance for this phone (stable) And Can I play big games like temple run or other games which runs on processor 1gh .
  3. Ok guyzz I tried every thing as u said ... but its still nit working ... I formatted system , data , cache ... Then re Installed every thing but still not working ... plz hlp guyzz
  4. Hi guyzz.... I recently installed CyanogenMod 10 (Android 4.1.2) its working good so far but having problem with Google play . Whenever I select Google play it flashes for few seconds and then get disappear. So If any body had same problem and resolved it plz let me know.. thanx in advance
  5. KonstaT.. google play is not working for me ... any patch or update plz help
  6. google play is not working ... Is there any patch ... plz hely or any other application ..
  7. Hi sir I just wana ask .. is the google market or google play working . coz I am using 4.0.3 and google play is not working there ... and thank and thumb's up for ur good work :D
  8. Hey guyzz... need help.. yesterday I upgraded ma zte blade from 2.2 to 4.0.3..... but m having lots of problem now .. camera is not working ... can't open app store .. plz tell me how to uninstall .. nd get my previous version backk.. :( plllz help any one....