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  1. Peter Jordow

    Motorola MotoActv 8GB now £99.99

    I just received mine and I am looking for ways to install other apps on it. I will peobably go with DProm but I would really like to see what you have running on yours Paul
  2. Peter Jordow

    Motorola MotoActv 8GB now £99.99

    I just placed my order as well. I have used http://www.sportstracklive.com/ for 3 years now and want to be able to run that app. I still however want the ability to answer phone calls and read text as it is in the stock rom. O yes and I will also try to get spotify on there. I would very much like to test your rom. Thanks for this post
  3. Hi I baked me a rom yesterday and it is so far working good. I only have one issue. I would like to use the new "swipe" style stock keyboard. In the kitchen I selected LatinIME (stock input method) with forced Phone layout and LatinIME (stock input method) I also deselected the Input Methods (non LatinIME) In my input method settings I now have Android keyboard Asus keyboard and the non latin one. The settings for the android keyboard has check boxes to enable the swipe thing but it does not seem to work. also when using the android keyboard the pop up of the key pressed does not work. I think i t used to. I also have the swype beta keyboard installed, but I would really like to try the stock swipe functionality. Have I baked a rom with conflicting options? How can I solve this. Thanks for a good rom.
  4. I am running jr7, the one based on 4.1.1. I just got an ota update for 4.1.2. Will it be possible to do that upgrade or should i install jr8?