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  1. Need original ROM for my acer liquid metal

    Thanks everybody, received my mobile back from acer, it's back in its original state & works superfine & fast. Thanks for the help.
  2. Need original ROM for my acer liquid metal

    Thanks in advance members, i phoned to Acer & they were happy to inform me that i could send my mobile back to their office and will send it to me when it's back in it's original state. Thanks already ;-)
  3. Need original ROM for my acer liquid metal

    russliquidmetal, is this the version i am looking for and is it possible to download or send it to me? greetings krikkel
  4. Hi everybody, Some time ago i installed and rooted my phone through MoDaCo and installed a BIN file 4.000.13_GEMEA_GEN1 The problem is that my phone doesn't run as good as it was new (lot's of rebooting, instable) Tried from the Acer website to download and install CUS2 version (which was original) but couldn't install it (different version) Can anyone help me to download and install the 4.000.13_GEMEA_CUS2 version (Belgium) Thanks in advance