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  1. Try volume down +power button ;)
  2. hey mates, i'm back to this rom ,all is working fine but when i try to acces play store parameters page , the play store FC ,i'v traid whiping data,cache and every thing but no chance PS:play store is up to date
  3. YES !! on this rom and on any other rom i'v tested sins i'v turned to 2.3 roms
  4. you don't need TPT HELPER any more ?JUST FOLOW THE LINK,download,un-zip,put on ur SD card,turn off ,then up+menu+power ENJOY ;)
  5. :drum roooools: and now the 240 TPT http://www.modaco.com/topic/364795-tpt230system190data20cach/?hl=%2Btpt+%2B240 ENJOY ;)
  6. @ H3ROS it doesn't work, it still booting for about 13mnt any other solution??? and also i'm having some occasional freezing and random reboots, and also on 3g data connection, the phone become VERY VERY VERY slow,lagy and non reactif
  7. hey mates, i'm on this rom (4months ) and it make a life time to boot (about 13mnts) any sollution?
  8. i'm on KK also and after 2 monthes on it "Everything stopped working all of a sudden" just as for u on H3 Holo adding to that : com.android.procces FCing at each boot i'm sufering with that ,and i'v sort of attached to KK so i can't go back GB :/
  9. NO battery draining here sins the first BEAT version
  10. thanks man,,IT WORK's i don't have too reboot 7 times with my 11min boot time ,,, :D
  11. Hey mates,i'm using FAGYI's CM11 KK 4.4.2 rom on my Skate (it's a verry cool rom for any advanced user) and i wanted to use LUCKY PATCHER to delet licens verification on an app and i'm geting som dialog the one on the screenshoot (the screenshoot is french ,sory for that i'm french user) ,and to make reeding it easy for any one who wants to help , it says : "Root acces not working properli! you must have a real root acces to continue...(PLease update busybox or super SU!)...PLease install SuperSU using: problem resolution>Install superSU(ics)) in order to update SU binarys" noting that i have LUCKY PATCHER UP TO DATE installed on my device memory (used .apk puted on my sd root) (i have an kingstone 32GB Class 4) Thank for your futur answers and sorry if there is some english mistakes :p Peace
  12. and for the ".media.process" force close after eatch boot any fixes or solutions ?? bcs i have to rebbot my phone 7 times to get it not force closing,,,, another thing :i still have problems with lucky patcher not getting proper root acces
  13. ok and for the lucky patcher not getting a propper root access??