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  1. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    Ok but first do u have any way of backing up our stock roms with all data like launchers and apps?
  2. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    Should I use V10a gingerbread stock rom and then upgrade from tht to cm9 to solve my baseband/sim card issues
  3. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    ICan u give me any tips on how the baseband works and therefore how to solve the baseband problem? surely there must be some files in the stock rom that interact with the baseband and that simply needs to be ported to cm9? Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. [MOD] [Stock ROM System UI] Y2.3.6K Cyanbread

    Cud u make an ICS statusbar or JB for gb? and also give options to customize which toggles are present if possible plz :)
  5. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    Is it possible to import SIM card divers from the stock rom to ics???? Ill try to solve my problem myself but I need to know where the sim card drivers or baseband drivers are located on the phone. Is there any kind of thing I could backup with titanium backup and restore onto cm9? Any help would be appreciated thnx :)
  6. ROM | Xperia-Stock_ROM By Manoel.C | 2.3.6

    This ROM is rubbish, very poor memory management. However, launcher is good and I have ported to normal STOCK ROM using Titanium Backup :)
  7. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    I have tried another SIM card and this SIM card seems to work - the APN settings actually save and cm9 even loads some APN settings from the SIM card and also the settings about phone even tell me what the phone number of the SIM card is. It does not do that with the original SIM card... I would use this new SIM card but I am unfortunately on a contract and so need to use the orignal SIM card... is there anything I can do that can make cm9 work with this newer SIM card?
  8. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    Yes but whenever i save the APN it goes back to the APN screen and there are no APNs there... so I cannot create the new APN and my baseband version is V10K... i cannot get V10a stock rom, tht changes the baseband version for me
  9. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    I still can't connect to mobile network on cm9 latest build... any tips to help solve this issue?
  10. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    The size of the rom has gotten smaller. Why?
  11. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    Also, does the radio driver interact with the SIM card becuase then i have the same problem with my radio driver
  12. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    The changelog isn;t working... what are the new changes in the 30.12 nightly
  13. Port CM10?

    Unsupported SIM cards... is tht sim cards do not work on anythign under than V10C baseband? Also do these unsporrted sim cards not connect to mobile network
  14. ROM | Xperia-Stock_ROM By Manoel.C | 2.3.6

    I'm going to try this but is this stable? Also is it possible to edit the shortcuts in the notification center... I am referring to the shortcut settings toggles that are: Sound, Wifi, Bluetooth,..., Data toggle. Im wondering if u cud make it like cm9's where you can edit the toggles tht appear there and make it scroll across as well
  15. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    Are there any apps tht i can use to check the chipset of my phone and the e400 version it is... I.E if it is E400r or E400g Also cm9 doesn't recognize any details about the SIM card.. all i can do is send text messages and make phone calls... i cannot connect to the mobile network and in the settings i cannot check my phone number.. it says unknown. I also downloaded a few SIM card info apps from the market and they all gave unknown for the details of the SIM card Do u have any solutions to this?