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  1. Free RAM is probably like on stock, I have over 200 MB after start up.
  2. It is not slower, I'm using it
  3. You set cpu min 600, governor performance
  4. Probably not, because it's not working in cm10.2
  5. Does someone tried this? Is it better than daz's?
  6. Thats AOSP, not CM. So, no browser lag? :D You can flash any 4.4 gapps. Have you tried ART?
  7. http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/12/18/googles-dialer-with-built-in-search-is-exclusive-to-nexus-and-gpe-devices-but-you-can-install-it-manually-on-other-kitkat-roms-download/ nexus 5 dialer