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  1. gn7user

    Storage Option Scroll Pocket

    I have 2 scroll Essential II tablets. Very good to be honest for the price! Is your problem not because you have data and time from the network turned off???
  2. Hi Need some help from those in the know! I'm running a Vega with Vegacream RC2 on. It has a 32GB SD card in that works. However when I started to download things from google play srore I get a message that says I'm running out of space! Noticed that it seemed to be installing to the tiny Vega mem and not the SD card. So cleared a bit space and downloaded link2sd to auto download to the SD card but it doesnt seem to work. My searches on here came up with the fact i need to partitionthe SD card and format it with exe4. My question is how do i do that and what size partition? I want to use the whole SD card for storeage. Oh and I only have access to a win 7 PC too! Thanks!
  3. gn7user

    Re-installing / enabling Flash on the Vega

    Now that adobe has stopped releasing flash for tablets, how can i find a copy that will work with vegacream?? Found a flash 11.1apk but just says error parsing?? Help!
  4. Ok i could cope with leaving chrome on but where would i get the jb apk from and how would i install it?
  5. gn7user

    32gb Nexus 7 to be out before xmas!

    Dont rate the amazon tabs tbh. Have mates with them and they wish they'd got an N7. They just dont seem as smooth to use.
  6. Anyone seen this?? www.expertreviews.co.uk/tablet-pcs/1295323/googles-nexus-7-storage-boosted-to-32gb Same price as 16gb! Anyone whos jst bought a 16gb like me feel a bit narked? I do but I'll most likely get the 32gb one as I love my N7 and the space can be an issue if you have a stack of media on like me! :D http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/tablet-pcs/1295323/googles-nexus-7-storage-boosted-to-32gb
  7. Sorry forgot to tick the email when replys arrive thats why its taken long time to reply.
  8. Stock. Dont really want to go down the rooted path just yet.
  9. Hi new gn7 user is there anyway to remove chrome and go back to the jb default browser? I know i can use different browsers from play store as i am also using Opera and trying dolphin out too but would like to just have the default jb browser. Thanks.