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  1. bolinao

    Jiayu G2 Review

    Made no difference :(
  2. bolinao

    Jiayu G2 Review

    Well after using the G2 for about a week now ,I must say I am dissapointed in the way the phones screen seems to resist scrolling through pages,especially going from the top of a web page to the bottom quickly. It just does not happen quickly and you need to flick several times to get to the bottom. It seems to resist doing this,I am use to flicking the screen and it moving lightning fast and fluently to the bottom of a page. This is annoying enough for me to not use the phone any more.
  3. bolinao

    Jiayu G2 Review

    I see this phone is being sold on Aliexpress with gorilla glass now.. not sure about that.
  4. bolinao

    Jiayu G2 Review

    Great review... just a couple of questions please. How can you update the firmware when it becomes available ? Does it have OTA updates available in the settings menu ? I have been to the Jiayu website and Chinese is not my forte ,so I understood very little. Can us English people be able to update the fw easy enough ?? thanks and my Jiayu G2 dual core should arrive tomorrow.. so excited.