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  1. build.prop acer liquid glow e330

    Thanks a lot
  2. i've edited my build.prop on my acer liquid glow and now i want to restore it but i don't have any backup of it. someone can tell me this record? ro.product.model ro.product.name ro.product.device Thanks a lot
  3. Revert to stock

    all links are offline!!!!
  4. Revert to stock

    But this method also unroot the device?
  5. [ROM] Glowing Liquid 1.5.2

    Why with this rom my lockscreen is always in landscape mode? Also if i've disabled automatic rotation...
  6. Revert to stock In this Link there is stock rom for liquid glow
  7. unroot acer liquid glow

    It's not enough i'm sure, i must unroot this device forse warranty...
  8. unroot acer liquid glow

  9. can i unroot this device?