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  1. Found the broken cwm link on another site. http://www.ulozto.cz/xTjCr41/07092012-repack-b936-zip
  2. Well that is definitely the g300 we are both having. Thank god the ics brought us the annoying microphone bug. And yeah awesome video. Btw the 3 jets shown almost my flag colours the red yellow blue romanian flag.
  3. I recently bought a pair of Pioneer SE-M290 headphones which have an impressive level of quallity and the g300 really managed to give pleassant experiences. I just installed the latest android cwm beats and wow it sounds amazing. Not only that made it a good phone it's really great overall and eh... I just love it now that the music is at such a high quallity. As a matter of fact what do you like about your g300 or phone?
  4. How can you enable/dissable/modify zram?
  5. fogoticus

    What made you buy the G300?

    Hello there. "Are you happy with this device so far?" Definitly yes for the past 10 minutes I'm extremely happy with it! "And why?" Because I just found a superb kernel for it that removes some of the input lag from the touch screen thus feeling more responsive and definitely being a sexier phone. "Is it rooted or does it have a custom rom installed?" Both? I have the stock UK B936 with Stock+ and http://www.modaco.com/topic/358992-kernel-308-kernel-for-official-ics-roms/ this kernel. Absolutely gorgeous update this kernel. "Would you stick to the G300?" Good question. At the moment i have my feelings a bit mixed in a blender... I'd say yes because this kernel just made my heart bigger but in the same time if I'd have a bit more cash I'd probably go to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. "And lastly how much damage has it received since you've bought it..." Poor thing received some damage... I caught the phone red handed kissing the floor a few times.At the moment the screen has only one slight scratch which is unnoticeable if you look at the screen directly. It got a few scratches on the corners and the Huawei logo got .... well... raped. Also it was a coincidece that I got this phone. It was for my 18th birthday and well dad wanted to get me an LG L5.. bleh, as soon as I saw the specs of this G300 I almost yelled at the woman making the contract for the L5. Finally 6 hours later we returned to the store and we found out that the contract got canceled succesfully and I got this bad boy. Worth it I'd say!
  6. Wow this kernel is something! First thing I noticed, the nice quicker response, and the extra whapping amazing 5 score in antutu benchmark. As well as deadline IO. What I'd really want to see in the next update/s: more than 2 fingers on the screen.
  7. Still what if secret core unlocked in this "inf" kernel? But meh second core + 2500 or so score :/
  8. Post your score to see a refreshed version.
  9. Go and check antutu top Huawei U8815...
  10. Are my/our eyes seeing clearely? Over 6000 G300? Mother of god someone please anyone knows about this inf kernel?
  11. fogoticus

    Huawei G300 update fails Google's Compatibility Test Suite

    Thanks Vodafone. Hope that the next update won't fail 50 or more tests...
  12. fogoticus


    2D unlock is the Huawei interface for a locked screen, I did a CWM factory reset and then the 2D unlock dissapeared. I have to say thank to MiguelPereira for posting that apk.
  13. OK so... you should have a micro sd of at least 1 GB. Now question time, what android version did you have on your phone before this happened?
  14. I'm on stock UK B936 (was on infusion and didn't like it and then on STOCK+ and got the unpleasant surprise of the phone having a permanent blue screen, fixed by getting the B936 update.app on my microsd and then simply starting the phone) and I got about 3600 score in antutu, just flashed to JB and got 2400 I thought I was gonna die of laughter and restored my stock.