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  1. Happy Newyear Everyone Mr.Obrien Did you you add the frame work & sip to build..
  2. Good Evening All Hey Mr.Obrien Any News On The New Power House Build Thats Coming Soon.... As always your work is AWSOME!
  3. Adding Sip And Phone Apk would be be awesome in the next build :) please make sure this possible...
  4. Thanks i'll Wait On The Kitchen
  5. Hello Everyone Im On Jr8 & Just Recieved The 4.2 Update IF i except the Install Will It Break my Root Access!!
  6. How I Get To The Kitchen To Get The Jr8?
  7. hello everyone im new here and i signed up for the Kitchen Proud Owner On The N7 How Do I Get The Jr8 my n7 is rooted any help would be much appreciated...... Thanks