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  1. Great ROM! It works very smoothly for me. The only problem I've found is that the camera doesn't seem to focus properly (neither the stock one or Camera 360). Otherwise, great work.
  2. Hi guys, I have installed the ROM following the first post instructions but every 10 seconds or so I get a screen saying "Provided by %1$s" and then a message "System UI has stopped working". The status bar never appears. I really like the ROM and it seems very smooth and fast, but I need to work this glitch out before adopting it. Thanks!
  3. @tillaz, amazing work. This last version is amazingly fast. I have one feature request: would it be possible to disable the led while charging? It makes the led notifications basically useless while you have the device connected. I've tried Light Flow but it doesn't work except if in direct mode (which drastically limits the number of colors and options for the led).
  4. Hi, I have a slightly different problem (maybe related) with B08. I have plenty of free space in both my internal and external memories. The recovery from backup (using Titanium) went well but now I cannot install any app, either using Play or from an apk. It says insufficient storage or similar messages. I tried changing the default installation card with ROM Tololbox and Link2SD but it doesn't seem to work.