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  1. Why don't you wait? :X
  2. Pen drive is working...
  3. hurrah! i followed below steps from a thread posted by u & it worked. oh thank you very much... thanks. fastboot -i 0x8087 erase cache sweet now copy c:/sandiego/xolo/updste.zip to c:/sandiego/tools then type fastboot -i 0x8087 flash update c:/sandiego/tools/update.zip
  4. choosed option 32 deamon not running. starting it now on port 5037 deamon started succesfully. now nothing is happening, keeps blinking a space bar... :(
  5. fastboot -i 0x8087 erase system --- DONE, result OKAY fix brick --- DONE. restarted,.... no, again RED triangle logo, and restarted :(
  6. yes, a blue man and DROIDBOOT text...
  7. Actually previous time i had same problem but that was for 27mb update & i solved that time by reading ur post by doing adb shell, cache clear,, something like that . But this time i have this problem bcoz of that app. But this time i am always facing device not found error. :(
  8. sorry, i am totally noob. after that problem i tried fix bricked only, but at the time of flashing a RED triangle logo appeared & restarted & again stucked on xolo
  9. i tried adb shell many many times, but everytime its showing device not found :(
  10. yes, my devices is rooted already. i tried that [root] Chainfire3D app. i have not installed the 27 mb update.
  11. plz someone help me. I tried this app on play, name: [root] Chainfire3D . After restarting it stucked on XOLO logo. Then i tried Fix Bricked. But It's show RED triangle at the time of update & then restarts & again stucked on XOLO logo. So i tried command prompt, typed "adb shell" , but it's everytime showing device not found. Plz help. :(
  12. Congo... many thanks to Riskywatt, I followed steps provided there by Riskywatt and problem solved... :)
  13. yes, i have xolo ics update.zip in mobile, but problem is that i cant enter into recovery mode... :( I first tried power button + volume down to get into DROIDBOOT, but when pressing VOLUME UP, it not getting in recovery mode... Plz plz help...
  14. Hi, I tried XOLO deodex, then at the time of restart, the phone sticks on XOLO logo. So then I tried Fix Brick option, but its showing failed icon at the time of flashing. Please someone help. Totally hopeless now... :( Thanks.
  15. ohh thank god... OPTION 1: Fix Brick solved the problem.... ufffff!!

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