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  1. sai_kumar220 added a post in a topic [Rom][Gen2]Ligux_Rom[CM7 Based]   

    dammn... :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
    these links does'nt work at all
    when i tried to click this link its redirecting to and asking me to install ilivid downloader...
    even after i install that ilivid its not downloading the file...i m feed up with this
    pleae share a mediafire link or post another working link :angry: :angry: :angry:
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  2. sai_kumar220 added a post in a topic [ROM 2.3.7] Fastest MIUI(GingerBread) for Blade with 256 MB RAM (updated 24/01/2013 final version) !!!!!   

    the screen shots that u have uploaded are not same when i installed the rom...
    how to get the same rom...nd if it's a theme.... what is that theme...?
    pleaseeeeeee help me guys....
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  3. sai_kumar220 added a post in a topic [ROM][PORT]XPERIA_BLADE[CM10]   

    when we connect any plug-in's (such as head phones or usb cable)...and then lock the screen ...the lights of hard keys (home,menu,back buttons) dose'nt put off....
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  4. sai_kumar220 added a post in a topic [ROM][PORT]XPERIA_BLADE[CM10]   

    little laggy.....when ever we open an application it dose'nt open quickly...takes some time. Ex. setting takes 3sec to also 5sec...
    when we click the 'Themes ' button in the home screen it force closes and launcher restarts..displays a message "(unfortunately xperiaTM home stopped.)
    walkman was superb...but no equalizer...
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  5. sai_kumar220 added a post in a topic [23/07/2013][ICS] Eco CM9 - aiming for stability and battery efficiency   

    how did u get that circle battery widget (97%) on the home screen....
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