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  1. How can I do the samething but for the earphone? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, some people here in Portugal start to talk about a new update for the G300. It has only 18mb and seems to be a google update only. Anyone knows anything about it? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks mate! Great Work!
  4. Yes, you're right! Where you buy your V967s? Thanks
  5. Thanks for your opinion. I don't know if I should go for the V967s ou the THL W200... The THL w200 have better CPU and display... but I like the ZTE :)
  6. Hi, it's a good ideia to change from the Huawei G300 to this ZTE V967s? Are the screen and camera good? Regards
  7. Samsung here! - Vodafone Portugal - Battery date: 11-04-2012 - Chip date: 04/2012 Thanks!
  8. Some screenshots from my device: Cheers!
  9. I install this launcher on my G300 without any problems. I'm using SLIM ICS V13 rom by JSEVI83. Don´t know if it works on Gingerbread or Jelly Bean roms. Cheers
  10. Hi mates, this mod wasn´t made by me. ALL CREDITS are for ncandroid84 from the spanish forum HTCMANIA. Translated with google translate: PLEASE DO THAT AT YOUR OWN RISK! Screenshots: Original thread:
  11. But tell me Dazzozo, with this CWM, I can flash any rom since GB do JB4.3 right? Cheers!
  12. Or try to flash the trebuchet from the meijarom. Don't forget to make a nandroid backup first.

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