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    Huawei Ascend G300, Mpie 909t
  1. installed with new recovery( and it's working great, even the camera is fast now, thanks dazz
  2. zolee009


    best rom, ever
  3. simple reason to love this rom, great job!
  4. when I'm downloading something I got reboots
  5. what rom are you using
  6. it is official but there is no Ascend G300 or U8815/U8818
  7. OTA updated Camera is working, tested with default Camera software and Google goggles Chrome looking strange, but Chrome Beta works great Temple run(1&2) are crashing Alarm works and I just love new design Thanks Dazz
  8. Do you have link for chrome beta?
  9. OTA Updated - Temple run crashes and Chrome scrolling looks strange